Best Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Cleaning Services

Posted by sunlightcarpetcleaning on December 22nd, 2017

Carpet cleaning is essential for the hygiene of the inhabitants in any building. Many people think that using vacuum cleaner or detergents is enough to accomplish the task. Unfortunately the task is not as easier as it sounds to be. Carpet cleaning involves professional and technical expertise as it is most vulnerable to dust, dirt, bacteria and other harmful elements. These elements cling to unclean carpet easily and that is why periodical carpet cleaning is essential at home, office or other setups. Professional carpet cleaning services like the ones providing Carpet Cleaning Alvin Texasuse scientific and advanced techniques for accomplishing the task.


Hot Water Extraction Method

Professional provider of carpet cleaning League Cityoften uses this method that is also known as steam cleaning. High pressure hot water is used to clean the fiber and dissolve the dirt stored in the carpet. Carpet on solid surface is brushed first and then rinsed with the cleaning agent. Carpet is finally washed after some time. After thorough wash the carpet is left to be dried in air conditioned environment. On average carpet measuring three thousand square feet takes around two hours to clean using this method.


Carpet Shampooing Method

AT times professional services undertaking Carpet Cleaning Pearland may use carpet shampooing method instead of steam cleaning. Carpet shampooing method was very popular till the 1970s. The method lost its popularity because huge amount of foams were left around after the cleaning operation and it took lot of times to dry. It also often resulted in fast re-soiling of the cleaned carpet.

Encapsulation Method

Sometimes agencies like the ones providing Carpet Cleaning Clear Lake Texas use the encapsulation method for carpet cleaning. Synthetic detergents that crystallize and dry up in powdered form and encapsulate the loose dirt sticking to the carpet are used for cleaning. When the cleaning foam dries up the carpet is vacuumed or brushed to make the carpet cleaner. The method is efficient and has successfully replaced the carpet shampooing method.

Dry cleaning Method

Introduced in the 1980s the dry carpet cleaning method is the most popular one today. It does not leave the carpet soiled after cleaning due to moisture invasion.

But in all these; the client needs the services of reliable and reputable service provider that is proficient in the trade and can rise up to all the challenges that come their way. Task of the client is cut out at finding such a carpet cleaning service.


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