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What Is WordPress ? Why You Should Use It for Your Blog

Posted by rohny014 on December 24th, 2017

When building a site or learning to start a blog, you probably have come across ”WordPress” hundreds of times. This is nothing to be surprised because WordPress is the leading blogging platform in the market. 

To help you, we have shared what is WordPress all about and what are its basic and outstanding features that contribute to its success.

Note: WordPress as used here refers to self-hosted and not

What Is WordPress?

Well, is a blogging platform that has grown and became a content management system (CMS). Hence, its functionality is not limited only for blogging but also in creating and developing multifunctional sites.

Do you know that even popular websites like Facebook and eBay use WordPress? Yes, that’s because it supports more or less 29% of all the websites in the World Wide Web. That’s a hefty number of more than sixty million sites!

Below are just some of the reasons why you should opt for WordPress for your blogging and other website needs.

Why Choose WordPress?

Free Software Download

WordPress’ software is available for free download to anyone who wishes to start a blog or a mobile application or an eCommerce site and a whole lot more. However, you will need to have a personal domain name and a web host service provider first before being able to use the free software.

Thousands of Themes and Plugins

Since WordPress is widely used, it is no surprise that there are thousands of themes and plugins available now in the web. WordPress blog themes and plugins improve the look and functionality of your page whether it is a simple personal blog or a big eCommerce site.

Currently, there are more than 3,000 themes and 53,000 plugins available for free. You could also explore the ones that are for sale because most of the time they function better.

Open-Source CMS

Open-source means that anyone can study, modify and improve the source code. WordPress is an open-source CMS making it very powerful since anyone can just contribute to enhance its features.

Very User-Friendly

WordPress software is very easy to use and that’s why people mostly prefer it. You can even install WordPress blog themes for your page within just a couple of minutes and a few clicks. Updates and backups can be quickly done also. Amazing, right?

WordPress is Secured

WordPress security is very tight and being maintained by top programmers who spend time improving its security features. But if you wish to upgrade and tighten your page’s security, then you can make use of plugins that will improve detections and minimize risks.

SEO Friendly

WordPress alone is very SEO friendly. However, themes and plugins can contribute a lot also to the SEO performance of a site. In EasyBlog Themes, we create WordPress blog themes that will not just be highly responsive but will contribute also to your website’s search engine optimization.

Mobile Friendly

With people being non-detachable to their mobile phones, it is just right that WordPress will also work even with smartphones alone. As a site owner, you can still do some administrator tasks like replying to comments and viewing stats of your page.

On the other hand, your viewers can also conveniently view your page regardless of the window size or the device that they are using. This is made possible by WordPress blog themes that are built to be responsive and cross compatible.

Allows Different Media Formats

Another advantage of WordPress is that it caters to audio, video and photo formats. Unlike other blogging platforms which only allow text formats, with WordPress you can easily embed Youtube videos and social media posts like Instagram photos and Twitter updates. It can also act as a file manager.

Those are just a few reasons why you should go for WordPress if you intend to start a blog or an eCommerce site or even launch a mobile application. There are yet a lot more to explore with its functionalities and applications but given the above reasons, we hope they were sufficient to convince you to try the beauty of WordPress.

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