Costs Associated With VoIP Solutions

Posted by Leewood on December 25th, 2017

In comparison to PBX systems, VoIP systems usually cost as less as 50 to 75 percent than the actual figure. However, this doesn’t mean that you VoIP deployment won’t be pricey. So, to avoid those surprises, you can comprehend the costs related to VoIP onboarding.


VoIP solutions use the existing network infrastructure if it requires hardware. But, every single thing may add on to the cost when you plan to opt for cloud services and use softphones. Service providers may request you go for configuration to enhance voice quality and of course, improve security. Apart from softphones, the onboarding costs can increase owing to proprietary hardware.

Telecom Expense Management

Telecom expenses can amount to 45 percent of your budget. But, as you don’t prefer to pay more than the usual amount, you can avail third-party services for telecom expense management. This would reduce the chances of late payments and spending on things that aren’t worth.

Software Licensing

If you are planning to go for a subscription-based service, then software licensing has to be taken into consideration. This is applicable to cloud-based VoIP systems, and hybrid or on-premise systems. Well, the license is decided as per the office and the number of individuals who would be using the software.


Depending on the complexity, you would also have to spend on training modules. Consider the cost only when employees have found a different way of handling the processes. However, the costs might be significantly high if you have been using a legacy PBX system for many years.

Do look for reliable companies if you are planning to go for VoIP phone systems in Philippines.

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