Important Thing to Know for Win Chargebacks

Posted by Apoorv Joshi on December 25th, 2017

Having to deal with chargebacks on your credit card may result in a time-consuming activity, especially for those who have online businesses. A lot of merchants face the risk of having their accounts terminated by their back if they frequently experience chargebacks. As a result, merchants can incur more cost compared to losing sales, which may eventually end up in the overall business loss. For this, chargeback prevention is very important.

Things to Remember

Merchants can and try to win a reversal so as to save the worth of the entire transaction. However, there is no single proven chargeback management process that can be used for winning. For this, make sure whether or not you would like to fight chargebacks is very important and often entails certain things for consideration.

For one, dispute management of a chargeback is a time-consuming, tedious, and oftentimes labor-intensive process. If the overall cost of the claim investigation and chargeback fees are bigger compared to the transaction amount, it may turn out to be less expensive not to dispute the chargeback/s at all.

Documentation is Important

Among the most important information pieces that merchants can present during a dispute is one which offers the explanation as to why the claim is unwarranted. This includes sending a confirmation e-mail right after completing each and every purchase which includes transaction details, automated invoice, terms of purchase, shipping information, how to reach out to customer service, as well as how to return an item. After shipping the item, the merchant needs to send another email which contains the delivery and tracking details as much as possible.

Understanding about Different Dispute Reasons

Every chargeback come up with a specific reason and a reason code that depends on the customer’s claim. You should have a proper understanding of the various reasons of disputes. It can help you lead the chargeback case with proper documentation. Different card brads use their different terms and reason codes to determine the reason for a customer’s claim. Providing accurate response to them will help you to win the chargeback. It requires you can also contact Chargeback Experts to help you to understand reasons for chargebacks.

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