How Second World War Stories Book Fascinated kids During The War?

Posted by lucymacleod on December 25th, 2017

Second World War Stories Book have always been a topic of curiosity us as it has showed the impact of war on the lives of people especially who faced the consequences and lived through it. People faced unforeseen daily life challenges – many of them were even forced, along with their families, to evacuate to the countryside because of bombed-out cities.  Civilians used to work for arms and weapons’ factories, and soldiers were fighting. One peculiar after effect of the second world war was technological advancements. And, there are many books that provide an excellent account on how the war led to many ground-breaking and advancements in technology, medicine and arms industries.

These advancements, discoveries and inventions have created a far reaching impact on the world we live today. These books include many elements that have been fascinating children for years now such as life in the U-boat, tips and tricks for a jungle fighter, maps and cross-section artworks done in the tubes and tanks and many well-known aircraft stories.

Here we talk about a story book (can be found at that includes the story of late 1930s when - despite of his miniature stature and humble behavior exhibited by Eric, the main character of the story, from his very young age was expected to earn his livelihood. And to do earn his livelihood Eric takes on multiple tasks including assembling and delivering beer to his Dad’s friends. Since Eric’s character was known for his mischievous activities, the book interestingly portrays how he delivers beer to his dad’s friends after taking a swig and top up the beer bottle with the tap water.

Eric is nick name of the character ‘Nickle Eck’. And, as a toddler, ‘Nickle Eck’ was known to being surrounded by chunk of beer bottles, while his Mom used to sing and play piano.  He used to return the empty beer bottles but not before draining out some amount out of the bottles.  And that’s why he considered himself as ‘the youngest alcoholic in Birmingham’.

The other side of Eric’s character depicts that, since the age of four only, Eric sticks determinedly by the side of his elder brother John, whom he always considered as his hero. He uses to obey his instructions, successfully carry out his brother’s naughty yet momentous ‘IDEAS’. And those ideas have always landed him to suffer damages and injuries. Even, it resulted in early death.  

In all their mischievous games and tasks, John was the mastermind.  They played almost every game together and did perform a lot of dangerous activities including experimenting with explosions and electrocutions. Their bread soup incident was one of the most liked instances of the book. But despite of being notorious, their life was never dull or discontented, because both the brothers were smart, witty and an excellent sense of humor.  

You can get to know more of their mischievous activities and how they tackled any problem they come across. The book keeps the reader engaged from the very beginning to the end.

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