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Breast implants - Breast augmentation

Posted by rohny014 on December 25th, 2017

Today we will discuss what breast implant is. Do you have small breasts or you are looking for the Breast implants - Breast augmentation, or breast surgery Thailand? We will tell you everything in detail what is it! Keep reading!

What is a breast implant?

A breast implant is a kind of synthetic silicone rubber bag or envelope that is currently usually filled with silicone gel or a soft cohesive silicone gel with shape memory. These implants can also be filled with a saline solution. The silicone gel and saline solution (salt-water) fillings are the best known and most researched. In addition to these fillers, alternative fillers have been experimented with, such as soybean oil, PVP or Hydrogel. Your doctor can give you more information about each filling.

Types of breast implants:

There are several types of fillers, but also several types of bags. The surface can be rough or smooth, which means different interactions with the capsule that forms around the implant. The formation of a capsule is a normal organic reaction around tissues foreign to the body, such as a hip prosthesis or artificial heart valves, including a splinter stuck in the skin. The capsule formed around a breast implant can contract, which causes hardening and pain of the breast. If the surface is rough, the possible adherence to it of a part of the tissue has been associated with a decrease in the risk of capsular contraction. A smooth surface implant lacks this feature, so the risk of capsular contraction is greater.

Cosmetic surgery Thailand- Different forms of breast implant

As each woman is unique, the implants are also of different sizes and shapes. Some implants are round, while others are teardrop shaped, more like a natural breast (these are sometimes called anatomical). Both types of implants can increase the size of your breasts:

  •   Round implants

With round implants, the upper part of the breasts will appear more rounded initially, but the time, the effect of gravity and the aging of the skin produce an "emptying" of the upper part of the breasts, which will result from more falls.

  •   Anatomical Implants

Tear-shaped implants follow the natural lines of the body, which means that the upper part of the breast will remain full. In this way, a breast is achieved more naturally.

The fact is that breast implants are widely accepted these days! Adopting them is beneficial as it adds beauty to your body! Get your Breast Implants Phuket.

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