Bird Netting In Canada: Getting Rid Of Pest Pigeons

Posted by Pigeon Guard on December 27th, 2017

Pigeons are now considered to be public enemies. These wild birds came from Europe and then settled in Canada in the early 1600s. They live among the man-made structures like bridges, buildings and make these places their nesting and roosting areas. Hence, this has really become a big issue in suburban areas and cities as people need to spend a lot of money for cleaning their droppings and homeowners need to repair their buildings as well. So, here comes the requirement of pigeons control services.

How to control pest pigeons

Most states don’t give pigeons protections and even federal law also doesn’t protect them. However, some control measures need to be taken for maintaining the health and well-being of humans and animals. Let us some pigeons control process below:

•    Predators – There are some large animal-eating birds that catch and eat pigeons. These predators will be really helpful for humans as they prey on pigeons living in open parks and ponds. Cooper’s hawks and red-tailed hawks also prey on pigeons in rural areas and cities.
•    Modification of habitat – Reducing roosting, watering, feeding and nesting sites is essential for long-term pigeon’s control. People should avoid feeding them in public places and clean up the droppings around feed mills, elevators and railcar cleanout places. Reduce pools of standing water so they can’t use the water. Modify architectural designs, buildings, etc. for making them less appealing to these wild birds.

Several pigeon deterrents

There are many deterrents available on the market that helps keep these wild pigeons off of your assets.

•    Pigeon spikes – These are the easiest, most cost-effective and common for installing of the physical deterrents. You just need to install the pigeon spikes on the flat area where the pigeons land on. These bird spikes help them shift to another place.
•    Bird netting – This is another physical deterrent which is utilized for excluding pigeons from places like under canopies, under eaves of homes, warehouses and other large open spaces. An expert installer or a bird control professional best installs bird netting in Canada.
•    Shock system – This can be also utilized on commercial structures for deterring wild pigeons. They will get a mild shock if they come in touch with the track. And this will help them change their habit of landing on the surface.

So, these are a few methods and products available for deterring pest pigeons. You are recommended to hire a professional company to decide the best tactic for getting rid of these wild birds.

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