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Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Plastic Cap Mould

Posted by AcmeDisys on December 27th, 2017

Generally, cap moulds used for Plastic Injection Moulding are quite expensive and are used for mass production. Hence, it is very important to choose the right machine to ensure high productivity and minimize the cost of production. Caps are an inevitable part of any bottle and so are injection cap moulds in any manufacturing unit employing Injection Moulding.

There are several factors which determine the productivity and compatibility of a bottle cap mould. Here are a few factors manufacturers should consider while choosing a cap mould for their manufacturing unit:

1. Product Design or Cap Design: The basic design of a cap involves its diameter, cavities, material, application, etc. Intricately designed caps require an equally intricate mould, which are equally expensive. A cap with a simple design requires a comparably cheaper mould.

2. Material Used to Manufacture the Product: There are different types of cap moulds available in the market, suitable for different types of materials used to manufacture caps and according to other requirements necessary to manufacture the product. For example, some products are manufactured from thermosetting plastic and some using Bakelite or PET, some require high stability (closed loop) while some require high precision.

3. Compatibility of the Mould with the Injection Moulding machine: Being a sophisticatedly designed machine, the Injection Moulding machine requires the cap mould to be compatible in every aspect, to ensure proper manufacturing of the product. Examples of some such aspects include; thickness of the cap mould, mould size of the injection moulding machine, etc.

4. Efficient Energy Consumption: It’s a common misconception that small injection moulding machines consume less power. Whereas, a small injection moulding machine consumes as much power as a medium-sized injection moulding machine. Without the use of a power efficient moulding machine, profitable manufacturing of bottle caps cannot be ensured.

5. Volume of Production and Cavities: While choosing an appropriate cap mould, it’s very necessary to keep in mind the volume of production and the complexity of the product. To withstand intense production requirements, the moulds employed must be sturdy enough. In order to be sturdy, the equipment has to be of good quality. High-quality equipments are expensive, which increases the cost of production. So, a manufacturer must invest according to their production requirements to ensure better ROI.

Plastic Injection Moulding is a booming industry today with bright future prospects. In such a scenario, the demand for effective packaging/bottling solutions is quite discernible. Many strong and promising players have emerged in this field. Hence, it is very necessary for any manufacturer using Plastic Injection Moulding to choose the optimal plastic cap moulds to ensure timely delivery of quality products.

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