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Posted by thenewsgiraffe on December 27th, 2017

Travelling from point A to Z just got a lot easier with the delivery planner apps. All businesses connected with deliveries and transportation can now become more efficient with the help of this technology. Before any delivery takes place, careful planning is needed in order to maximize the time spent on every transaction. Delivery companies would usually have their delivery route planner to plot their point of origin and destinations manually and find the easiest and fastest route to take to deliver their products in a most cost-effective way. A good route planner would be able to do this perfectly but there are certain uncontrolled circumstances that a mere person cannot accomplish. One of the challenges that they have is the inability to be able to predict traffic conditions and to constantly update themselves with the changes in the map. Anticipating all the reasons that could delay a delivery can definitely save the driver any trouble of changing course, missing a route and wrongly choosing a much farther route. Thankfully, delivery apps are now available to be installed in our gadgets and we have so many to choose from depending on our needs.

Personally, traveling has been a part of my job. Before going on a trip, I would usually have a route plan but being able to stick with it does not usually happen. I began searching for anything that I can use to improve my travel experience; hence, I found a delivery route optimization and realized that it is what I need. Basically, anybody who loves to be on the road all the time, explorers, tourists, realtors, social workers and the like, can actually benefit from these apps.

What are your options?

Well, there are already dozens of apps with a delivery planning software like Circuit, Route4me, Voyager, Bestroute, Intelligent Routing, etc. They are basically almost the same although their differences in the process on how to enter your data and the medium they use in tracking the best route for you differ. Their prices would also vary, some apps are free but the majority of them which enables you to deliver to 200 addresses or more would require a fee. In choosing the perfect delivery planner app for your business, check the workload that your drivers have and the conditions they are in while traveling; some of these apps may be too complicated for your workers to manipulate.

What are the pros?

Wow! You would be amazed at the results. Most of these apps will actually shorten your routes for almost 25-40% of the time. Since the data you get online are mostly up to date, you don’t have to worry about having old version maps or being stuck in traffic for hours. You can input 200 addresses or more and the app will be the one to show you the best route to take, that will save you a lot of time. Your route can be exported to your GPS or the app will use google maps for easy access.

What are the cons?

Well, there are downsides with some of the apps but by choosing the right app for you, you would be able to get away from these things and just get the best delivery route optimization for you. You have to be aware that some of the apps are not totally free, so if you are going to use it for business purposes, you have to be prepared to add on your operational expenses. There are apps which are too difficult to use, some may require access to your contact list and you might feel like your privacy is being intruded. There are also delivery planner apps that require you to be online, which means they can be useless if you go to places without a signal/reception.

All in all, a delivery planner app can definitely boost your services to your clients. You just have to know the perfect app that suits your needs.

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