What Channels do You Get with Spectrum Select?

Posted by Rosie harman on December 27th, 2017

Your cable TV subscription to Phone and Internet Service Package or any other deal is primarily focused on your interest. TV entertainment is one that we all rely on - to end the chaotic day in a pleasant way, and to find peace of mind. So, why not determine our need from on-screen experience first?

Out of the many reasons why Spectrum Cable service is your one top-notch choice amongst the other competitors: here are three major reasons.

Reason # 1 – Spectrum TV Provides Incredible Number of Channel Choice

Your first reason to choose Spectrum TV packages is because of the number of channels it offers. Charter Spectrum divides its TV packages into three main tiers: Select, Silver, and Gold. The number of channels provided in each one of these tiers are different.

So, even if you subscribe to the basic most TV deal, you will still find minimum of 125+ channels. The number of channels of course increase with the highest levels and the number goes up to 200+.

While, Charter Channel Lineup on top of that, provides all the entertainment, sports, kids and news channels. With Select tier you get CNN for news and ESPN for your favorite sports cover up. Can you think of any better channels then these two?

Of course not! But then your choice of channels with Charter Spectrum TV packages doesn’t block you in any way. The beginning has CBC, Fox, NBC, ABC, and other entertainment channels while the ending includes Hallmark and more.

Reason # 2 – The Upbeat Movie Channels

Premium movie channels are the craze of every movie freak- and Spectrum makes the impossible possible. Select is the basic package, but as soon as you upgrade yourself to Silver or Gold tier, you start getting access to most desired movie channels.

Silver gives you Cinemax, Showtime and HBO. With Gold, you will get all that you can ask for!

And if you think these movie channels just restrict you to movies, you’re wrong! Cinemax, HBO and Showtime have given some of the greatest series, namely: “Sex and the City”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Sopranos”.

Reason # 3 – The Best HD Quality Ever

Your third most important reason for choosing Spectrum cable service is because of the amazing crystal clear picture quality it delivers. Spectrum believes in making the TV experience astonishing and this they fulfil by providing HD quality.

The result is beautiful screen display!

You may already be aware of this, but to let you recall; HD delivers 6 times the screen resolution of SD. This means watching your favorite channels and programs in the crispiest high-resolution screen. And all these HD channels are free. You will love every channels and appreciate the difference.

Channels You Get with Spectrum Select

With Spectrum TV Select you receive 125+ HD channels, local program channels, and your favorite networks as ESPN, CNN, Discovery, BBC America, Lifetime, A&E, TLC and more.

You also have access to 10,000 On Demand Choices. You can select a category that On Demand choice offers (as shown below) and choose your favorite channels. You can also get the details here.


It’s simple to understand and easy to see why Spectrum Cable Channels are so famous among viewers. Charter Spectrum has become a huge brand and is even making even more progress in making entertainment exceed expectations.

This means better quality and even better offerings. Spectrum is also implementing advance technological ideas that give a chance to go digital. So, in future it will become even easier to have Charter Spectrum TV content on the go.

So, even if you’re not a huge movie fan, you can still get access to some of the best TV programs with your Charter Spectrum TV subscription. For the most TV channels offerings, HD on-screen experience, unlimited On Demand channel offer, an amazing customer service, and other absolute services, contact VisiOne Cable Providers in My Area! You will have all the possible Spectrum TV packages details!

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