Error 404: Damage Control And Sales

Posted by Neha Kumari on December 27th, 2017

Why is that when you click on a link an error pops up?  Instead of getting the desired site,  some lines as '404 Not Found', ‘Error 404' etc. indicating that the requested page is not available. A 404 error, pronounced as ‘four oh four' is the standardized HTTP status code.

How does Error 404 occur?

Error 404 or page not found is among the most common errors we come across while browsing the Internet. A 404-page error occurs when a website is in the active state, but the specific page within it doesn't exist. 404 error often appears when you are directed to a broken link or when the website address typed doesn't exist.

There are other reasons too that can bring in an error message. These include:

  • These occur when the URL or the contents of files, images etc are deleted or moved. It is mainly because the internal links are not adjusted accordingly.
  • While creating or redesigning, the URL was written, linked, or typed into the browser incorrectly.
  • The connection to the server responsible for the website is not running or is broken
  • The domain name system  (DNS) is not able to convert the requested domain name c to an IP.
  • When the entered domain name doesn't exist

How to handle broken links?

Having broken links on your website is an indicator of low quality and it provides a poor experience to the user. Since increasing the SEO ranking is a must for online presence, cleaning up of broken links cannot be overlooked at. 

Even if you are ensured your website has no broken links, a good practice is to have a 404 page in place when people mistype or click a website address. A 404 page is a page explains that a 404 error has occurred. Going to a typical boring black and white error page could give your consumers an end feel. Though it is obvious that customers would feel a little disappointed for not able to find the required search an original or creatively designed 404 error pages ensure your customers don't leave.

How to convert the 404 error message to sales?

How to keep the ball rolling? Let us follow some methods that would convert the 404 error to opportunities:

1. Keep the company brand on

Keeping your 404 page branded means let the 404 error page assure that the customer is still on your website. This means that the customized 404 error page within the template of your website can include a logo of your company on 404 page outside your standard template.

2. Acknowledge when error occurs

Your visitor was searching for a page, and what they're not able to fetch the desired one, help them understand what happened. Be diplomatic and use your spin, but do tell them there was an error and that for some or the other reason the desired page that they are looking for cannot be found

3. Flip it as a search box

Turning your error page into a platform to find the right content shortens the visit and helps in accomplishing the goal faster. Enabling on-site search function is a popular way to ensure that 404-page traffic doesn't leave the site.

4. Let us leave a funny note

Let the disappointment of not getting the relevant item, get converted to something memorable. Leave the error page with something unexpected, unusual.

5. Help them contact you

404 error page is your damage control page and also an opportunity to know your customer. Let them know you more. Provide your details so that they can get in touch with you.

6. Accept and serve

We are trying to turn adversity into opportunity, here! Connect it emotionally and always keep the user first


Now that you have a strong foundation for a great 404 error page, ensure that the design of the error message matches the style of the website. Let your visitors know, but in a funny and light-hearted way that the content they are searching for isn't available. Instead of any negative feeling, let your customer get a smile out of it without losing hope. Visit: JanBask DigitalDesign


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