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Public and Private Agencies: service delivery models

Posted by Winniem on December 27th, 2017

The competitive market model means that private agencies provide consumers with a diversity of health options. Quality in the delivery of services is also a guarantee. Public health agencies, on the other hand, emphasize on the provision of health services to the widest population. However, the public health agencies have been criticized for their inefficiencies and poor quality of service (Hsu, 2010). Critics also argue that the public health agencies are open to everyone, but the healthcare options are limited. The public health struggles with inefficiencies that impede the quality of service and the types of services that patients can access.

The organizational structure of a healthcare agency also determines the quality of service delivery. Private agencies can spread and reach out to the public because of their slim organizational structure. The private agencies are managed by individuals hence a guarantee of fast decision making. In contrast, most public health agencies are influenced by the government as it is involved in the operations of the agency. Decisions such as the allocation of funds or hiring of personnel may be affected by government regulations and bureaucratic tendencies witnessed at the organization. The public agency might be affected by factors such as financial constraints (Hsu, 2010). Financial constraints are rare in private agencies as they are supported by sponsors and shareholders. A professional working in private agencies may have to grapple with competition from other private agencies. The continuous flow of consumers will be determined by factors such as quality of services and the affordability of the services. A professional working in a public agency may have to grapple with bureaucratic tendencies that may affect decision making thus affect the delivery of services.


Hsu, J. (2010). The efficiency of public and private service delivery. World health reports. Paper 39

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