What is SOC Cyber Security?

Posted by thenewsgiraffe on December 28th, 2017

Otherwise known as Security operations center, Soc is a central platform that focuses on fixing security issues on a technical and organized level. When a SOC is located within a building it is usually operated by supervised staff members which run off processed data to operate the soc cyber security system. The sole purpose of a SOC system is to protect and monitor an organization's security system.

In order for the soc cyber security system to operate at its full potential, they have to be a peak system in place working accordingly otherwise the soc system will fail. A powerful sponsorship must be in place to get the full potential from the security operating center.

Surroundings of a SOC operational system.

Careful planning is key in the process of asoc operational system, another important factor is the functionality of the layout, make sure it is easy to access incase of an emergency and for personal use. Getting the perfect lighting is key, make sure it is not too bright but also not too dark. When building the control room there's more than just one specific room to build, these include.

Operational room

War Room

Supervisor Room

It is crucial to make every room comfortable, good lighting, functional and every area in the rooms must operate properly.

Methods behind using SOC security.

The method of using Soc security is to improve the overall structure of the organization. For the system to fully function, it must have the ability to operate at its full potential both inactive and active whilst carrying out management functions. One of SOC’s priorities are in the risk assessment areas and involve vulnerable handling.

Soc systems are involved with helping people identify technology threats and get rid of them before any actual harm is done, the area is most common in IT areas of technology but can be spread through other minor system hardware’s. When threats are detected they are then analyzed and studied very carefully before they are demolished. This procedure happens to get as much information about the threat as possible to further restrict it from ever coming back.

Due to the high expensive costs of running a security operation centers, companies usually have a valid reason for this, some including, protecting personal and sensitive data, obeying company policy rules and obeying government policy.

The staff who work behind the scenes are,but not subjected to, engineers, security, analysis, computer engineers, and networking. Companies can be assured that all staff is fully trained and qualified for the positions to which they are assigned to.

When it comes to large organizations they are eligible to operate more than one SOC organization. On the other hand, small organizations will only have enough staff, room, and equipment to operate a single SOC system. There is one thing that each has in common and that is, they will both have the same goal in mind and that is to identify threats and deal with them accordingly.

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