Share Market : Basic Tips on the stock market.

Posted by ways2capital on December 28th, 2017

How many types of stock / stock are there? : Shares can be of different types and different people define them differently. But we can share, the stock mainly in 3 forms. Let's know the type of share: -

1.) Common Shares - Anyone can buy them. And sell it for needs. This is the most common way stock.

2.) Bonus Shares - When a company makes good profits and the company wants to give its shares to some of its shareholders. Instead, they do not want to pay the money and if the share gives it a bonus share.

3.) Preferred Shares - This is brought by the company to some specific people by the company. When a company needs money and wants to raise some money from the market, the share they will issue will give them the first right to buy them only to certain people. Such as employees working in a company. Such stocks are considered very safe.

How many types of trading are there? : There are several types of trading that can be. But mainly 3 types of trading are preferred by people and used.

1) Intra-day Trading: Such trades, which are completed within one day, are called intra day trading. In the intra-day trading, the stock is bought on the same day and sold on the same day.

2) Scalper Trading: A trade that is sold within a few minutes of buying is called scalper trading. It is often bought and sold in 5 to 10 minutes. There are more profits in this kind of shares. But the profits in it can be higher only if the amount invested is high. There are more opportunities for losses as the amount applied is also high.

3) Swing Trading: The process of trading in it is completed in a few days, weeks or months. After buying the stock, the investor keeps it for some time, such as a week or a month. After that, the stock prices wait after the increase and when the correct feeling is found. So sell it.

Stock Market is considered by people as a dangerous sport. In which the man just drowns, but it is not so at all. This perception is completely wrong. If invested in the stock market with correct methods and restraint, then the person can also make substantial profits in this thing. But before jumping into it, it is very important for a person to get as much information as possible. Incomplete information has always been dangerous. But this does not mean that there should be no different kind of talent or ability to invest in the stock market or to invest. By trying out any of the stock market information and investing in it, you can ask an expert in the field to investment in the stock market. You can ask for the Equity Tips, Commodity Tips, Forex & MCX Tips to the registered advisories.

Intraday in the stock market, delivery trading, commodity, future and option, debauchery, bonds, currency, metal, gold, silver, etc. There are a lot of products available, in the stock market to invest. Every person who is jumping into stock market will have the same advice that the stock market is not a magic wand, which can make rich in the short term. Money can be earned if you have an attitude of 3 to 7 years of investing a little bit. If the debt is invested long enough in the share of good management companies, then there is no other option than the share market and if you get entangled in the hurry to earn money, the share market can also ruin the person.

To provide online trading service at cheaper rates to Consumer,,,, Indian trading league, anagram, angel broking, motilal oswal, icici, hdfc,, are available in the large player market. But considering the features of online trading for everyone can be a bit complicated. But the person with general knowledge of the Internet can easily trade himself as a online trading application and payments can be easily received from the bank for money transaction.

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