What is Premature Hair Loss Why Does It Happen?

Posted by komalcosmetic on December 28th, 2017

Hair loss is a normal part of hair growth cycle but due to some reasons, the normal conditions may lead to severe hair loss. Generally, hair loss is related to the age factor but nowadays, this disease is affecting the scalp of the teens or young ones as well. It means there may be more factors that are responsible to bring hair loss earlier than the normal age. The Avenues, a center for the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad , claims that it is possible to treat the hair loss at any age but it is necessary to find the real causes of the hair loss at the teenager.

Premature hair loss is common in males and females and some of the experts are confident that the condition occurs due to the genes and hormones. However, there must be more reasons that cause premature hair loss. These articles have a brief list of the reasons that may be responsible for premature baldness:

Poor diet

Like any organ of the body, hair follicles need proper nutrition. Therefore, improper diet may lead to temporary or permanent hair loss at the early age. In case of poor nutrition, hair follicles start to shrink

Drinking and smoking

According to the hair loss experts, drinking and smoking may disturb the flow of blood in the scalp and this condition may lead to a poor nutrition of the hair follicles, leading to temporary or permanent hair loss.

Use of illegal drugs:

Some of the teens start to take drugs very early and as a result, they might be victims of hair loss.

Hair care products

Teen and young ones may be attracted to different hair products without consulting with a hair expert and as a result, harsh chemicals of certain products may harm the hair roots to damage them forever.

Hormonal changes

Certain factors may disturb the normal level of hormones to disturb the hair growth cycle. This hormonal disturbance may lead to the excessive secretion of DHT hormone that is the main factor for causing hair loss.


Hair loss is a serious problem at any age and if you are a male or female of just 15 years old, the things seem more serious to handle. However, By visiting the Avenues clinic any patient may get the assistance of a Hair Doctor in Ahmedabad to handle the severe conditions of the scalp and hair.


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