5 Supercool Jobs You Can Land with a Physics Degree

Posted by caseyfloyd6 on December 28th, 2017

If you are asked to imagine your life without physics or any scientific invention, would you be able to do it? In simple words, think about this world without electricity, TV, laser, friction, gravity or other thousands of discoveries and inventions in physics. Your life in today’s time is revolving around physics and vice versa. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working, moving, eating, or sleeping, you are always under the influence of some laws of physics. Physics is a very vast subject, and it offers plenty of jobs opportunities in all of its sub-fields. A graduate in physics has skills such as expertise relating to numeracy, problem-solving, data analysis and the communication of complex that are in high demand in diverse sectors. Being a student, your primary concern should be on various career prospects that physics offers. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." If you really enjoy reading and understanding physics, then there are ample career opportunities for you in this field. So, if you are looking for some supercool jobs with a degree in physics, then read this article.

1.) Audio Engineer
Creating your own music, syncing it with the singer’s voice and adding some soothing effects to it are some of the things that you can do as an audio engineer. There is an extensive application of the physics behind every successful song. Whether it’s a background music or a live concert, an audio engineer is needed to make the sound clear, synced, and evenly balanced. These engineers know how a sound can travel in different mediums, thereby applying a suitable effect to it they make an audio more clear and crispy for the audience. You need to have an Associate’s Degree in audio production, and your physics degree would give you a head start on learning about the technicalities of sound production.

2.) Video Game Designer
You might have played a video game that has some high definition and real effects. But, do you know that an in-game physics engine gives every cinematic stunt or action a realistic effect. Every game designer creates this engine, which by making use of core concepts of physics such as gravity, relativity, and Newton's law of motions makes the graphics look more real. A strong grasp of computer animation, game console hardware, and programming languages combined with your Physics degree can make you the best game developer than the rest.  

3.) DJ
If you are passionate about music and love to entertain the audiophiles by mixing and playing music tracks, deejaying can be a good career option for you. All you need to acquire is in-depth knowledge of sound, its pitch, frequencies, and effects of modulations. To get a perfect pitch, there is an applicability of lots of scientific principles including analytical and advanced mathematics. A DJ creates music by combining various melodious genres and tracks for a particular event or a radio audience through different equipment such as turntables, graphic equalizers, mixers, tape decks and other sophisticated sound processors.  

4.) Poker Professional
A game of poker requires a lot of statistics, probability, and modeling problem sets and physicists have been the crackerjacks of this game for a very long time. You can question the above statement by saying that mathematicians also acquire the same set of skills, then why haven’t they been mentioned in the above discussion? The answer is that the abilities of a physicists to work for lengthy periods of time and to keep them emotionally detached from a complex problem serve them well in working through thousands of possible combinations in the game of poker. You would be glad to know that Einstein was a good player of poker.

5.) Laser Fusion Scientist
If you are a physicist and want to pursue an advanced career in your field, then the job of Laser fusion scientist is apt for you. Fusion is the most efficient way of energy generation in which highly energetic subatomic particles are joined together to produce energy along with some radioactive waste. But, in doing so, you need a significant amount of energy to raise the temperature up to 1000 million degrees using lasers. This is where a physicist's knowledge of particle physics comes in Laser fusion. Just imagine that you would create a power source which will be as powerful and sustainable as the sun after becoming a laser fusion scientist.
Hope you enjoyed reading this article. This was a brief about some decent and supercool jobs in the field of physics given by Physics assignment help experts working at Global Assignment Help Australia.

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