Facts to know before buying an iPhone as a gift

Posted by Chris on December 29th, 2017

As the Christmas will come soon, have you picked up the gift for the loved ones? As we all know that pick the right one can be a very challenging task. These days an iPhone is really gorgeous device and it can be the wonderful gift for both man and woman, young and old. But it not for everyone, because a new one is really expensive. However, a refurbished iPhone will lower the burden for you, but still it will cause you some unintended problems, since a cell phone is such a personal stuff and people will use it every day. So before you decide to buy someone an iPhone as a gift, there are still some questions you need to check out.

The first you would want to know what kind of iPhone you will choose for the loved ones. Because there are so many choices out there. Besides the models and specs, old and new. Usually a new one will be really expensive, and the older one will be much cheaper, but the features of old model won’t match up with the latest model. In addition, there are some refurbished iPhone which will offer a much bigger discount and make sure the quality as new in most extent. So if you have a little more or you just do not want to spend that much money on the new model, then the better choice would be buying a refurbished iPhone, plus it will give you more choices of the models, especially to those who like the older models like the iPhone 5 series.

Then you need to lock up a specific model from all the available ones. When you make the decision, you should know what the receiver expect and how he/she use the phone. This questions are the key to choosing the best phone for your loved one. For example, People who love media or conduct a lot of business on them might prefer larger screens and the Large-screen Notes and iPhone plus editions will be the perfect feature for them. If holder is a fan of photography, then he/she might appreciate a phone with an advanced camera and plenty of storage. You cute kids may appreciate the faster speed of a new model when they play the games, but for your great-aunt may prefer something that’s easy to use, with big buttons and display text. That is to say know the details then make the right choice.

The next question you need to solve is you should make sure that the phone work with their carrier. As you know there are two main systems that carriers use for their networks: GSM and CDMA. GSM devices work on networks like AT&T and T-Mobile, while CDMA devices work on Verizon and Sprint. Most phones will work only under one of the systems and switch carriers can very difficult to handle and it can cost you a lot of extra money. So when you buy a new iPhone, you make sure it will work on the network you chose, while when you decide to these refurbished iPhone from another country, you should make it is unlocked to your specific network.

There are also some other things to consider. The first one would be make sure there is return policy in case someone change the mind and want to return the phone. If you go for a new one, there usually is a return policy that can guarantee you return the phone within the days and but there is no such guarantee attached to a refurbished iPhone 6 plus on sale, however there should at least a warranty. The second one would concern about the kid, you should also try to do some protection if the receiver is a kid. You cannot just throw them the phone just like another toy, because it is more than that and it can bring more danger if you do not take the precaution.

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