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Posted by Maggie on December 29th, 2017

Do have have found a 1.1× XP boost pops up suddenly, and they can get 10% Bonus XP in game right now? Bonus experience is a mechanic which grants players double experience when training a skill. It may be earned through various methods, even by free players. However, free players must become members to be able to use the bonus that they have rs gold earned, except during certain special events.In addition, there are some new achievements and if you get all the three new title that enough to earn all 27 skill-related pets. Good luck for you! And don't miss our website” Black Friday” Event. All the cheapest RuneScape gold for sale.

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Bonus XP event - working like RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend:
Today plenty of persons see a 1.1× XP boost just pops up on the screen all of a sudden. For there is no official announcement on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else before its happening, the players have no idea what this is about. Some guess it’s a bug that the RS team probably forgot to remove the code from last year. However, some other players think it’s intended as a late Christmas gift or for celebrating the new year.
Finally, someone figures out there is a notification in the chat box at reset, saying “Bonus XP is now active! Earning 10% more experience to celebrate the New Year!”, which seems an unannounced 1.1× event for the new year. It’s said that this works like the RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend, and at least it doesn't stack with gilded altars according to some players.

How long will this RuneScape Bonus XP event last?
The players all are eager to learn how long the Bonus XP event will last. A player think this is only a one-day event and will end as of midnight December 27 GMT. However, some players guess this will last until new year. What is more, this bonus will go up by .1X each day, like tomorrow 1.2×, the next day 1.3×....

No matter how long this RuneScape Bonus XP event will work. You can get great deal OSRS Gold on Rsorder. We offer free gold over 50M. Our customer service still insisted on working in the New Year holiday 2018. A few days ago, RuneScape official released that Crabbe the Slayer gargoyle will be joining the eight new combat pets and give warm Gielinorian welcome to them.Now let us knows about this eight new combat pets and how to get them.By using Attack in combat, you can to unlock Sifu, which is a blind dragon with eastern themes.By using Strength in combat, you may to unlock Kangali, a kangaroo with boxing gloves.By using Ranged in combat, you can to unlock Sparky , an injured, crossbow-wielding squirrel.By using Magic in combat or non-combat magic spells, you can to unlock Newton, which is a wizard-hatted newt holding an orb of shifting magical energies.

By using Defence in combat, you can to unlock Wallace, a cowardly grenwall armed with a helmet and shield.By using Constitution in combat, you can to unlock Morty, a hardy axolotl with a transparent body.By using Training Prayer, for example by burying bones, offering to your player owned house and wilderness altars, using the Ectofuntus, cleansing the Nexus, cremating vyres, using the Bonecrusher and cleansing Hefin crystals. You can to unlock Ghostly, a tiny but surprisingly violent ghost who likes to whack things with its thurible.By using Summoning in combat and training Summoning(by creating pouches and scrolls and giving up charm drops to the Charming Imp),you can to unlock Shamani, a creature trapped within the veil between life and death.

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