7 Ways to Build the Most Secure Password

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on December 29th, 2017

It’s not uncommon for the average user to choose some scarily easy passwords that are easily guessed. For hackers, the easiest way for them to find their way into a system is by guessing a password. Though there are many things that can be done to create more secure passwords, few people do them. To create a stronger log-in, here are the 7 things we recommend starting with. 

Password Managers will Protect your Passwords

Every internet user should have a password manager to create and secure for them strong passwords. Instead of using easy passwords across every log-in – or worse, the same password for all accounts! – a password manager will generate individual passwords for you. If you’re concerned about having to remember all of your passwords, this is precisely what this tool is for!

See all of your passwords in one place with secure authentication in place, ensuring no one gains access other than you. Choosing a high-quality password manager, you should be able to sync these to any desktop or mobile device. In this day and age, there’s no reason to not have a password manager set up so be sure to check out some to find what appeals to you.

Longer Passwords are Key

Don’t make them short and complex. Length actually matters more. Ideally, you want to hit minimum twelve characters or more. This way, it becomes even more difficult for guessers to gain access.

Don’t Bunch together Special Characters

Many sites will require you to choose a number or a capitalized letter for your password. If you intend to use multiple special characters, don’t group them together. Keep them spaced out and you’ll keep any hacker guessing!

Choose a Password and Keep it Forever

After you have your password, don’t change it ever. Even if your company’s IT department insists on having you change your password, know that this does not do a thing to prevent hacks and only creates an inconvenience for you.

Never Reuse Passwords across Multiple Accounts

If there’s one thing to take away from this list, it is to never use the same password across different accounts. Think about it. Let’s say someone hacks Wal-Mart’s database and gains access to your password – the same one you use for your email and your banking site. You’re going to have a very big problem on your hands if this gets into the hands of a hacker who knows what to do with it!

Browsers can’t be Trusted

Don’t let your browser remember your password. We know how tempting it is! Though it might seem convenient, it leaves security wide and open.

Add a Second Layer of Protection

Most accounts will offer a second layer of protection in some form, be it an SMS code, a security question, or something. Ideally, having a two-stage authentication plan in place across your more important accounts can be a successful guide to warding off anyone looking for unauthorized access.

It’s not easy to maintain multiple passwords but you will be better off for having put in the work. At the end of the day, it’s all about having the strongest passwords possible. This way, your privacy is protected at all times and even if it’s a little inconvenient, at least you know no one is reading your messages. Keep password security a priority!

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