Multiple Video Conference on Yahoo ? How you can do it?

Posted by Mick Watson on December 29th, 2017

If you have a computer with a strong broadband connection to match, the possibilities are limitless. You can download the Yahoo Messenger, for a change use the same to have conversations. The conversations can be done through chat, video, and voice.

Is there any chance of having multiple video conference using the same yahoo Messenger?

Probably yes. But for that, you will require a computer and a webcam, which you can then utilize to setup a multi-person video conference.

How is this possible?

Multi-person video conference on Yahoo is not something that uses a sophisticated technology. On the coronary, the whole procedure is quite simple and straightforward.

The Yahoo Messenger makes use of a conference calling system along with webcam broadcast technology. Once the whole setup is done, the user with just a few clicks of the button can have a live conference, in a matter of few minutes.


Looking forward to knowing more about video conference on Yahoo? In that case, you can dial the third-party customer service number for Yahoo.

The Steps for Multiple Video Conference on Yahoo

1. First and foremost, you must ask all the participants to download Yahoo Messenger. Accordingly, they have to create a Yahoo account. For those with an existing Yahoo account, there is no such need.

2. Make sure to collect the Yahoo username of all the participants and distribute the same to others. They are required to add the username to their respective Messenger’s Friends List.

3. Decide on a specific time, where all the participants can come together and sit right before their personal computer. They must also check the settings of the webcam and that of the speaker.

4. Accordingly, click on Actions and Click on Conference in Yahoo Messenger. You are then required to invite the participants to join the conference. They will receive an invitation, which they have to accept in order to take part in the video conference.

5. The last step requires you to instruct all the participants to click on Messenger and My Webcam. Since the Yahoo conference facility only supports Video Chat, it is necessary to enable the webcam feature.

Before going for the multiple video conference, you must see to it that Yahoo Messenger should be updated to the latest version.

Bottom-line: Yahoo Messenger is a viable tool and it does offer a whole new perspective. However, you may have a few troubles, while installing the Messenger. As such, you will need technical support. For this same reason, it makes sense to dial the Yahoo customer service phone number. In doing so, you have a good chance of resolving the issue, with the help of the experts.

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