Wireless PA Speaker System VS Conventional Speakers in Terms of Use and Advanta

Posted by Chomko LA on December 29th, 2017

Public addressing systems have been in use to page people located at some distance and have been great effective at different places and circumstances. The system is deployed normally for addressing people in a public meeting butthey are also used to convey message to group of students, workers, and fans at a concert with telling effect.  Here we compare the modern wireless PA speaker system with the traditional speakers to find out the advantages and disadvantages posed by them. 

The major drawback with conventional PA system is they need miles of cables to spread in a big campus or ground which would prove costly. The cables will be seen all over the area and look ugly with their spider matrix appearance. The cables are likely to get damaged soon with harsh weather conditions and will need replacement in the near future. With the wireless PA system this is not the case as no wire is used to connect speakers to the control center. The speakers are controlled via Wi-Fi network hence they need no cable to connect and communicate.

Conventional speaker system need an exclusive staff to manage announcements whereas the wireless speakers use them sporadically. Pre-recorded announcements can be broadcast through a computer program that controls the speaker communication and speakers can be segmented to make separate announcements with the touch of a button. This may not be the case with the conventional speakers as it will require complicated manipulation to get message to each segment of speakers.

With wireless PA speaker system it is easy to deploy them anywhere because you don’t have cables dangling behind them. This makes them convenient for deploying at the most unlikely place to give maximum reach and effect. For conventional speaker systems special poles may need to be erected in a campus and they may not be that convenient for indoor applications. The Wi-Fi speakers are controlled through the computer program so they can be highly flexible and can be customized to suit the needs of an organization without restriction. You don’t need to handle the wireless speakers individually because they are connected with one network and can be easily manipulated from one place by a single individual.

Summary: This article summarizes some of the advantages of installing wireless PA speaker system in institutions and public places and how they vastly differ in the handling department when compared with the conventional public addressing systems.

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