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Posted by fusiontactical usa on December 29th, 2017

Does Fusion Tactical do wholesale?          


How can I become a distributor?        

Fill out dealer application.  Must have a current Resale Permit Certificate (from your state) and show how you will be reselling our products, either by website address and/or physical store.

Can I receive a military discount, or any other type of discount?          

Yes, you receive 15% discount for military and nonprofit organization.  Proof is needed.

How can I verify my online order went through?          

You will receive an AB number (order number) as confirmation.

I am wanting to place an order. Can I call directly?         

Yes! Please call (909) 393-9450 and a knowledgeable sales person will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer a drop ship program?          

Yes, we can drop ship to customers, however there will be a .00 fee if order is less than 0.00.

Can I order one of your non-stocking items?          

Yes, however there is a 1,000 pc. minimum quantity order for all hardware products.

What is the minimum buy in for new distributors?   


There is a 0.00 min. for all opening orders, and afterwards 0 min. per proceeding order. If any less, a handling fee will be applied.

Do you have a volume discount, and what are the price breaks?          

Please contact a knowledgeable sales representative for details at (909) 393-9450.

Can we order any items without the Fusion logo?     


This is a form of customization, so absolutely, you can request that the logo not be sewn on to the item.

What support will I receive to help me sell your products?           

We can provide product photos, flyers and product descriptions on excel sheet via DropBox upon request.

Is there a contract I have to sign?             

No contract is required to be signed.  Only our dealer application must be filled out and complete.

Under what circumstance will my price change?              

Price changes occur once a year, at the yearly quarters end.

What is your production lead time?

Typically we say between 2-3 weeks but alternative times can apply depending on the order requirements.

Is there a restocking fee?

There is a 25% restocking fee on all returns unless there was a mistake made on our end.


What is the strength of your buckles?

Our Aluminum Raptor™ and Steel Presto™ buckles are all rated with an indirect (pull) MBS of 4,000 lbs and a direct (pull) MBS of 2,000 lbs (or 9 kN).

What is the strength of the webbing?

Our durable webbing is rated at 5,000 lbs, making it even more reliable in use while staying light-weight. All of our belts feature heavy-duty MIL-SPEC Type 13 webbing.

Is the escape loop rated?

Yes, our escape loops are rated at 5,000 lbs.

Can you customize belts?

Just tell us what you need, and we'll get it done!

What is the biggest difference between Fusion belts and your competitors?          

First off we want to compliment you for picking Fusion Tactical belts.  You made the right choice!  We only manufacture products that we stand behind ourselves.  Besides being made in the U.S.A. our belts encompass industrial and military webbing, hardware and fabric items. Our belts not only have a cool tactical look, but are able to be used as lifesaving devices, particularly repelling. Rest assured, you can have complete confidence in life threatening situations when wearing a Fusion Belt! Fusion Tactical has an extensive history of collaborating directly with users and operators in the military, as well as public service communities to create purposeful belts designed specifically to enhance speed, safety, accuracy and performance.


How do you compete, and why are you the best?          

We pride ourselves in the work that we do.  What sets us apart is our rated webbing, Made in the USA products, the ability to customize, short production time (typically roughly 2 weeks) and the fact that we allow customers to order small quantities more often.

Are all of your employees good looking?         

Yes, including all office and warehouse employees!

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