Nonylphenol Market : Information, Figures and Analytical Insights 2017 - 2025

Posted by Shirish Wadaskar on December 29th, 2017

Nonylphenol Market: Introduction

Nonylphenol is an organic compound which belongs to the category of alkylphenol group. Nonylphenol is a colorless to pale yellow, viscous liquid, having a characteristic smell. Generally, Nonylphenol is manufactured by the alkylation between phenol and nonenes mixture in presence of acid catalyst. Nonylphenol can be the branch or linear chain compound, however, branched Nonylphenol are industrially preferred and depend upon the attachment of nonyl group to phenol i.e. on 2 or 4 (para) position, Nonylphenol are categorized. Nonylphenol is also further processed in order to produce nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) which is non-ionic in nature owing to which it is predominantly used as emulsifiers, detergents, antioxidant, cleaners and in several other industrial application. Furthermore, Nonylphenols are used as chemical intermediate/ precursor in the manufacturing of phenolic oximes, phenolic resins, epoxy resins, paints, additives for tire industry and for the mining industry, among others. However, half-life period of Nonylphenol is around 60 years that indicate the slow rate of Nonylphenol degradation. As, many products such as detergent, soap, etc. contain Nonylphenol owing to which even in sewage treated water contained Nonylphenol that further accumulated in agriculture land and caused an effect on its fertility. Thus, many countries have restricted limits for the Nonylphenol amount in the manufacturing. 

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Nonylphenol Market: Dynamics

Growing demand for the detergent/ surfactant in various end-use industries as well as in domestic application across the globe is expected to drive the demand for the Nonylphenol. Being the major precursor compound for the resins manufacturing coupled with the growing market of polymer and plastic that subsequently resulted in increase in demand for Nonylphenol. Furthermore, increasing per capita expenditure and the personal care and cosmetic products wherein the Nonylphenol compounds are used in manufacturing, in turn, boost the market demand. Apart from this, government regulations in the developed region such as in Europe and US and initiative for the sustainability development that leads to increasing in demand for biodegradable compound owing to which Nonylphenol market growth may get hampered. However, a major manufacturer of Nonylphenol is focussing on an enhancement of production facility and presence in a major market such as India, China, etc. as Nonylphenol find usage in a variety of applications. Thus, many countries had imposed an antidumping duty on the Nonylphenol in order to support the domestic manufacturer.

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Nonylphenol Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of production and consumption, the global Nonylphenol market is dominated by the Asia Pacific region (APAC). The growth of end-use industries such as chemical, textiles, Personal care, cosmetics and polymer industries is prompt in the APAC region coupled with the increasing per capita spending has translated into an increasing demand for Nonylphenol. In the APAC region, China, followed by India is a major market for Nonylphenol in terms of value and volume. The APAC Nonylphenol market is expected that register a significant CAGR over the forecast period. North America and Europe collectively hold the second spot in terms of market share. Rising demand for surfactant, emulsifier, and chemical synthesis applications in North America and Europe are expected to increase the demand for Nonylphenol over the forecast period. In Europe, Western Europe dominates the Nonylphenol market in term of consumption. However, government regulation in North America and Europe may effect on the growth of Nonylphenol markets.  North America and Europe Nonylphenol market are expected to register steady growth over the forecast period. The MEA and Latin America Nonylphenol market are projected to register slow growth over the forecast period.

Nonylphenol Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global Nonylphenol market, identified across the value chain include, Huntsman International LLC, Dover Chemical Corporation, SI Group, Inc., PCC Group, China Man-Made Fiber Corporation, FORMOSAN UNION CHEMICAL CORP., and Jiangsu Jiafeng Chemical Co., Ltd., among others

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