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Posted by Harry Almond on December 29th, 2017

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Woocommerce is becoming one of the most popular platforms for online shopping systems. If you are wondering which ecommerce platform to use for your ecommerce website then here is a good choice. The challenge here is finding the best woocommerce development company. There are number of service providers in the industry and they will all promise you to do a fabulous job. You cannot blindly go with the self-made claims of these service providers but have your own set of criteria to assess your service providers and to screen them. Here are few important areas that you may want to focus upon when you are building your woocommerce website.

Now a days, a huge percentage of your traffic is coming from hand held devices. You will have to therefore make your ecommerce website mobile friendly. This means your website should have a responsive design. Your woocommerce development company should be able to convert the psd to responsive design. Getting responsive script is one of the key factors while setting up your website. By ensuring that right at the start you will save yourself unnecessary rework and double expense.  

What is the past experience of your woocommerce development company? Have they been in the industry for long enough? How do you verify all these factors? One of the best ways of going about it here is by checking the portfolio of the web development company. You will be able to assess the quality of the services offered by your web development company by looking at their actual work. Instead of going by self-made claims and promises, you should assess the overall quality of the services offered by taking a look at the websites developed by your service provider. When you are reviewing the portfolio you need to pay attention to few key areas. Firstly, you will need to check the design because the aesthetic appeal of the website is very important for you to be successful online. Secondly, you will need to check whether the websites built by your web development company is user friendly.  

Thirdly, you should also check the features and whether they will be able to customise the website to suit your specific needs and requirements. They should not be just installing some ready made themes but your service provider should first listen to you and create a website that meets your requirements.  

How about the cost factors? How are they priced? Did you compare the prices with the other service providers? Are their prices affordable? Yes, it is important to compare the prices. Your intention here is not to pick the cheapest website development company but to find the most cost effective service provider. You should be able to deliver the finest quality services at the cheapest prices. Quality should take top priority because if not, the entire project will fall flat and you will not be able to setup and run a successful ecommerce website. So better invest your time in picking the most dependable company.

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