Types Of Non-Immigrant Visas You Should Know About

Posted by srilankaeta on December 29th, 2017

Visa is the most important thing that we often forget to talk about. With so many types of visas, people tend to get confused. To know more about the types and subtypes of visa, continue reading.

Travelling has become an integral part of our lives. People travel for various purposes. Students to pursue higher education and businessmen for some golden opportunities while there are also people who travel to visit their families or simply to explore new places. Thus there are different visa categories for different purposes.

Basically the visa is divided into two categories- immigrant and non-immigrant visas. We have explained to two categories earlier. To read our earlier article u can log on to our website www.sri-lankaeta.com. But today we are going to dwell more into non-immigrant visas and describe their subcategories.

Non-immigrant visas are the conventional visas and are used for almost every purpose. From recreational tour to conferences and business trips, it is issued to anyone who seeks to travel another country for any purpose. The purpose is however not limited to conferences and holiday vacations. A person who needs to visit the foreign land for medical treatment, temporary work or study purpose can also apply for a non-immigrant visa.

However, this visa is meant for only a short period of time and do not allow anyone to live and work there permanently for extended periods of time. Although getting a non-immigrant visa is easier but one still has to go through equally critical process to obtain it. Non-immigrant visa is divided into subcategories with one special category    for NATO personnel.

Different countries have different types of visas. For instance, USA has 20 different types of Non-Immigrant visas. Here are the main sub-categories of visas described below:

1. Tourist/Visitor/Business- The majority of the people apply for tourist visas across the globe. In order to explore the beautiful destinations, people travel more. The second most common category is Business visa. Visitors who want to engage in non-employment commercial activities but want to browse opportunities in order to expand their business apply in this category. There are single entry, double entry and multiple entry visas in this category.

2. Temporary employment- These visas are issued to people with specialty occupations such as computer operations, programmers etc. This type of visa is designed to help employers meet their service requirements, when persons capable of delivering these services are not available in the country. However this visa comes with multiple limitations.

3. Education- With young generation looking outside their native country to fulfill their dreams, student visa is becoming increasingly popular.

4. Visa waiver program- Visa waiver program is a program that allows travelers/non-immigrants form qualified countries to travel to destination country without a visa. For e.g. Singapore national can travel to more than 158 countries without a visa for a short period of time.

Some non-immigrant visas are much more complexed and involve a long application process as compared to the other countries. Once you understand the basic requirements, they are simple to follow and only in few cases you will need experts. For more information log on to our website www.sri-lankaeta.com !

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