9 Cool Things you don?t know about Drupal

Posted by Penny Robertson on January 1st, 2018

Drupal is a powerful CMS, free and Open source. It has power to a great community of developers. Above all statements about Drupal is true, but I believe that Drupal is much more than that. So I started investigating about Drupal and came up with these Cool things you can do with Drupal only especially if you are new to the community. Many of the leading companies offer the Drupal Development Services in India and Overseas.

1. Construct Facebook Landing Pages in Drupal:- You can drag any Drupal page on your website to Facebook and set it as a Landing Page. You need to adjust the page settings to fit the size of the box available on the Facebook but it will be much better than creating a landing page from scratch. It is also much easier to update also. All you have to do is Log into your Drupal website, click on save, whatever adjustments you want and then you are done !!

2. Facebook Application in Drupal:- Looking for something from a Landing Page on Facebook? Drupal has covered you. You can make a complete application on Facebook using Drupal.

3. Log in using your Social Media Account:- Users can log on their website using Social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google, Instead of creating and remembering any other username / Password. Better yet, there are systems that will automatically create the account in Drupal for your users. In this way, If one of these social giants is overcome or changes the rule than you do not lose your community.

4. Make your website Responsive Mobile- Friendly:- A Mobile Approach is no longer a suggestion – it is a requirement for all the business owners. If you do not trust me then check your website’s Mobile analytics. In Drupal, the great thing is that it makes it easier to create and maintain a responsive mobile- friendly website right from the beginning. We use responsive ground themes such as Omega and Adaptive themes to get started and let our front-end developers to optimize the mobile experience from there.

5. Optimize your website for Search Engine:- Drupal gives control over everything to optimize your website for search engine.  It also includes custom page titles, meta description, URL’s copy and it also performs well with Google Analytics.

6. Mapping Feature:- It is really a cool feature of Drupal. Maps can be a powerful tool for sharing information. Most of the people use maps on their phones and their cars to help us get around. On the Map, Users can filter the office location by interacting with the provided service, Zip code or map itself. There are several ways to customize it to your company’s needs.

7. Security:- All codes at drupal.org are examined by a public community of incredibly smart developers. With an entire team and the procedure devoted to ensuring its reputation as a secure CMS, it is comfortable to know that the codes and the modules obtained from the Drupal websites are as safe as possible.

8. Video and Photo Integration:- Drupal can receive video uploads and then arrange them to display on any device. You can also automatically upload the videos to youtube. Your Drupal site can pull Youtube videos and photos from the places like Twitpic and then display on your website automatically.

9. Well Organized E-commerce Solutions:- Your online store can do almost backflips because it is very well Organized. You can also combine with shipping services like USPS and UPS to make an end to end store experience for your users and people in your company fill the orders.

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