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Posted by Maggie on January 2nd, 2018

We hope that Santa is going to buy runescape gold for sale for you, but that is not what we are here for today! Today we are looking at items that are useful when it comes to getting all the way up to 99 Smithing. These items will make it much easier and quicker for you.This is one many of you will have dealt with over the years! When you are just minding your own business and another player will take offense (for no reason at all) to something you did or said and will hit you with the "reported". Far too many players do this and while reporting someone who is abusing you or just being a jerk is fair enough. Too many players act like babies and will threaten to report people over the dumbest things.

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How You Can Get 99 Smithing In Runescape Easier

1. Varrock Armor 4: This is pretty neat as it can give you a 10 percent chance to smith bars faster up to Runite.

2. Blacksmith Outfit: This right here will give you a 6 percent Smithing XP boost, but it can be used along with the Varrock Armor. You will need to know how to Smith Ceremonial Swords and be level 70 Smithing to get this, but it makes getting from 70 to 99 much more efficient.

3. Modified Blacksmith Head: When you are smelting ores, you get a 5 percent chance of saving coal. Also, just by right clicking, you get 50 coal free each day. As or right now you can only get this in Treasure Hunter.

4. Portable Forges: There is a bit of work required to get this as you can only get them from Treasure Hunter or on the Grand Exchange, but it is well worth the effort as you can get plus 10 percent Smithing XP, a 10 percent chance to save a bar while Smithing and a 5 percent chance of getting an extra bar when you are smelting.

These are just a few of the things that you can get which will make your journey to 99 Smithing that extra bit easier. Let us know what you have used to level up Smithing quicker and be sure to buy RS3 Gold while we have it on special offer.Ugh, why do people even bother! Thankfully most of the time, scammers get reported pretty quickly. But it is very annoying when you are bugged by another player with some "amazing" deal that is quite clearly too good to be true and will only result in you getting scammed pretty badly. As long as people are vigilant, no one should get scammed by these jokers, but having to deal with them is still very annoying.

We have all been here! No matter if you are playing Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape, we all started out as a noob. There is nothing worse in those early days of the game when some pretentious "veteran" of Runescape talks down to you, asking why you are even playing the game and repeatedly telling you how bad you are, all the while calling you a noob. It is annoying, not helpful and it can turn people off from the game. If you are an experienced player, help a new guy out! It is the right thing to do!We would love to know what are some of the annoying things people do in Runescape that drive you guys nuts.

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