The Use Of Milk Thistle As A Herbal Home Remedy

Posted by jagdev singh on January 2nd, 2018

Milk thistle herbal use as a home remedy is very facile.  The flowers, seeds, and leaves of milk thistle can be utilized for alleviating various ailments.  It is popular as a resourceful herb with therapeutic ability.  Specifically, it's benefits are highly efficient for nursing mothers and those suffering from liver and gall bladder problems.

Milk thistle aids in increasing milk flow in breast feeding mothers.  You can just chew leaves of milk thistle to boost up the flow and relief from menstrual pain.

Seeds of milk thistle are rich in silymarin which overcome the symptoms of liver problems.  Seeds are efficient in treating cirrhosis of the liver, diminishing inflammation, and reducing increased cholesterol level.

The flowers of milk thistle can be consumed directly.  Their effects are best when eaten before they bloom.  Consumption of flowers helps to exhilarate the liver and digestive system.

Sometimes it is difficult to cultivate Milk thistle due to lack of space, in such scenario you can opt for capsules of milk thistle.

Another way of consuming Milk thistle as a home remedy is forming a mixture of leaves and flowers.  This mixture enhances the milk flow in nursing mothers and helps in digestion.

Make powder of the seeds of milk thistle to apply on skin ulcer or can make a tea of that.   Milk thistle seeds' powder can be used along with St. john's wort for alleviating pain during menstruation.

You can prepare an extract of milk thistle by using it's seeds and 20-25 drops of oil mixed with water.  This extract aids in healing liver and gall bladder related ailments.

Milk thistle is a popular medicinal herb because of it being very facile to avail.  It can be consumed raw without any supplement forms or any other forms.  This facilitates easy access to it's use with enormous benefits and boon for women.

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