How you can get the right rabbit anti-llama antibodies for your business

Posted by Elite Technology on January 2nd, 2018

When it comes to running your business, sourcing high quality products for diagnostics, research and development, or pharmaceutical purposes is extremely important. There are a wide range of products that you might need for these purposes, but one of the primary ones that you should focus on are antibodies and serum, two things that you need to be careful to source properly, particularly if you need them at scale.

You want to work with a company that cares about the products that they develop, but that also is as flexible as possible, which gives you more options when you are sourcing products from them. For example, you want to know that you can get the products that you need, but also that you can get products that may need to be developed for you. Having custom development capabilities is one thing that sets apart many high-end polyclonal antibody production facilities.

You also need scale, with the ability to get a large amount of goat anti-llama biotin, rabbit anti llama, or other products in small batches but also in large quantities if necessary. Only certain production facilities will be able to do this with quick turnaround.

When you’re looking at different companies, you should make sure that you pick companies that have a long history in the industry. This indicates that they’ve been able to consistently deliver a high quality product to customers, and will make it more likely that they will be around in the future as well.

Finally, if you can locate a company that offers ancillary services, then it makes running your business easier, because it means that you won’t have to go to as many places to get the services that you need. One company that fits many of these criteria is Capralogics. They are a leading polyclonal antibody production facility that has years of experience working with all kinds of buyers. Learn more about them by visiting their website now at

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