Ring In the Christmas Festivities with Flurys-Famous Sweet Delicacies

Posted by Akanksha Roy on January 3rd, 2018

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to adorn the ‘City of Joy’ in a pretty shroud of lights, music, and lip-smacking platters of food and goblets of warm mulled wine. The unadulterated joy and mirth surrounding Christmas in Kolkata is a never-ending celebration, whose echoes are better heard in the roads of Park Street than the modern indoors of the city. They say, “Time and Tide Wait for No Man,” but there is one place, here at Park Street, where time and tide do wait outside, and that too, with their noses pressed against the bay glass until one catches a glimpse and tingles a taste of the buttery, chocolaty, and soft, mouthwatering delicacies. Yes, it is that time of the year again when beautifully baked patisseries wrapped in pink boxes would make their way into the tempted hearts of the hungry souls, under a chandeliered ceiling decked with black and white checkered floors. You guessed it right! None other than Flurys!

On this very day, families, couples, children, and youth pack into this once upon a time overflowing tearoom which has now become one of the best bakeries in Kolkata. The holiday season starts with a carnival of beautiful twinkling lights that light up the whole city like never before and doesn’t end until the final slice of a “Flurys famous” cake melts down in your mouth like a molting candle with oozing wax. So, here, we bring you some unforgettable “sweet nothings” straight from the menu of this legendary cake shop in Kolkata that is bound to sweeten your Christmas even better. Take a look. 

Flurys Rumball

What’s Christmas without a little box of delicious surprise? And the Rum Balls from Flurys is a beautiful treat that can make this one of your most cherished Christmases of all times. The iconic, rich balls of chocolate flavored with rum and coated with chocolate fondant, are what every heart craves for when they are in Flurys.

Chocolate Butter Cream Cake

This winter, tuck into a buttery and warm serving of the Chocolate Butter Cream Cake from Flurys. This is the perfect combination of love, warmth, and kindness that symbolizes Christmas. The butter and cream create an explosion of flavors inside the mouth while the chocolate simply gives you a heavenly feeling right here on earth. So, if you are looking for a Christmas-y dessert to entice your tummies, tongues, and hearts, this is the way to go about it. 

Baba Pastry

This dish successfully breaks the myth that a huge course of meal is what defines a Christmas special treat. The Baba Pastry is an eye-opener that even this tit-bit of a pastry can bring out lovely flavors in this tender dry cake. But the star of this dish is its dry fruit. So, this can be a great start to the Christmas celebrations. Flurys also delivers online pastries in Kolkata. Check their website now. 

Fresh Fruit Cake

This fruitcake can add a festive spirit to the air, and fill up your homes with the holiday feeling until it lasts in your refrigerator. Made with fresh cream gateaux, whipped cream, and pieces of fresh fruit, you can get a lovely, mouthwatering balance of texture and flavor that will stay in your mouth for long. 

Flurys can make you believe that it is the desserts that can totally be the true stars of any holiday table. Complete your Christmas meals with lovely delicacies from Flurys. And now you don’t have to wait in the long queue with a wide-eyed nostalgia to unleash your sinful guilty pleasures. Get an online cake delivery in Kolkata from Flurys by just visiting their website now. Merry Christmas! 

Author Bio: Akanksha Roy, a food blogger with articles on the best bakeries in Kolkata, here writes on the Flurys delicacies that brighten and sweeten your Christmas better. Now Flurys also offers online cake delivery and delivery of online pastries in Kolkata.

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