Concept of Home tuitions in Bangalore revolutionized by Genextstudents

Posted by seoyesweus on January 3rd, 2018

3rd January, Bangalore: Genext students are on the path to revolutionize the concept of Home Tuitions in Bangalore. The traditional approach of teaching is extremely mechanical and dull. It creates a disinterest in student and is often produces rote learning. To eradicate such degrading level of education, Genext students has introduced the concept of tutoring services in India that uses new technology and innovative techniques that make studying fun and interesting. It provides the necessary edge to the students that allow them to progress further. Private tuition provided by Genext provides a customized solution to the learning needs of the students, as per their acumen. 

The services, both available on mobile and website, are applicable to all boards. It is applicable for CBSE, ICSE, international boards and most state boards, including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and so on. While many parents worry about the standard of education, however, with Genext most can rest assured about the quality of education provided.

The tutors for Home Tuition In Bangalore have to undergo rigorous tests to ensure that the quality of tutors procured is of extremely high quality. The objective of Genext is to better the current quality of education in the nation and the testing process is in adherence to that. Asad Daud, the co-founder of Genext students said, "We wish to fulfill our objectives and will put in more amount of efforts to ensure its completion."

Genext is also known for its innovative real time tracking of the progress of the students and their performance. It means parents don’t have to worry whether their kids are lying about their marks and such other material. They can simply log in and track the performance of their kids. Sunita Chauhan, a Genext user, said; “Now I don’t have to worry about her lesson plans anymore. The real time tracking enables me to look into her progress, check her performance and suggest and learn new measures to redress it. The platform is really exceptional when it comes to such interactions and transparency.”

The Genext platform, other than providing home tuition in Bangalore, is great at providing digital content that includes samples, examples, notes, etc. to its users to make studying that subject easier. The students can even access assessments that allow them to judge how they fare and seek additional guidance upon it from their tutors.

The motive of Genext platform is to produce bright students that decide a brighter future for the country. It remains to see what their efforts reap in the coming years.

Genext Students is an innovate platform that provides home tuitions in Bangalore. The Co-founders along with the core team makes studying easy with its technology that makes studying fun. Their tutors provide customised teaching methods to disseminate knowledge. Their services can be used for all board students to ensure that they receive an additional edge. With various accolades and achievements in their basket, they hope to produce a brighter future for this nation. To know more, visit


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