Tips to Make Your Tyres Perform as long as You Wish

Posted by metrotyres01 on January 3rd, 2018

To obtain maximum possible life and performance from your tyres, better care and regular maintenance are really very important. For appropriate care and maintenance, all the major two wheeler tyre tube manufacturers in India recommend the following:

Proper Mounting and De-Mounting

  • For maximum radial advantage, mount your vehicle with full set of the company’s radials at spare position and axles. Mixed utilization of bias and radial products on the vehicle is not advisable and recommended at all.
  • Always make use of a new tube in case you are buying a new tyre.
  • Try to make sure that you are buying both tyres and tubes from the same brand or company.
  • Always make use of the specifically designated tubes for specific type and size of tire being utilized.
  • Make red-hot sure to use suitably perfect combination of the tire and rim.
  • The rim should be absolutely free from dirt, mud and rust and bends.
  • Rim valve hole must be quite round and very smooth.
  • Clean the interiors of tires before positioning the tube inside.
  • Make use of high quality mounting machines as much as you can to serve the mounting and de-mounting purposes. Just avoid using hammer and chisel in this procedure.
  • Lubricate tyre beads properly with extremely mild soap solution before you mount and de-mount.
  • Before inflating it, just check very minutely whether the beads have taken position in a correct manner on the rim seats.
  • Never go beyond 44 psi (3.0 kgf/cm2) to place the beads. After beads are well seated, adjust the pressure of inflation to the level which has been recommended by any leading motorcycle tube manufacturer in India.

Proper Tyre Balancing

An un-balanced wheel in any vehicle might cause extreme vibration to the vehicle. Therefore, it is highly recommended to balance well the tire-rim assembly under the given below situations-

  • When vibrations are felt and experienced in a strong manner
  • Mounting, De-mounting after every 5,000 kms.

Tyre Rotation

Just go ahead and rotate tyre positions in case any irregular wear and tear is seen on any of the tire after the distance of 5,000 kms. The very first rotation is crucial as it readies the products for long and even tyre wear.

Needless to say, a tyre is an engineered product which needs care and concerns of the highest order to perform as per your desire. So, as a vehicle owner, it’s your first and foremost duty and responsibility to be particular about its care. According to the nature of your drive, you should keep taking some important steps to keep tyres in the pick of condition always. The above-mentioned tips and ideas often come with the user manual which is handed over to you by the dealer or even the local shopkeeper.

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