How AAC Blocks Manufacturing in India Help Reduce Environmental Impact

Posted by Magicrete Building Solutions on January 3rd, 2018

AAC Block or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is an alternative to typical cement that is used for infrastructure. Swedish architect Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson invented it, mixing cement, water, sand, and lime, as well as adding aluminum powder. Compared to red bricks, AAC blocks are lighter in dry density and easier to transport. It was not until 1924 that the process for making them was patented. Today, manufacturers of AAC blocks in India are well known for their commitment to environmental sustainability. How exactly do they achieve this?

Production Process

The manufacturing companies of AAC blocks in India use fly-ash, which is an aggregate that comes from fossil fuel power plants. Unlike farm soil that is used by clay brick manufacturers, this raw material does not potentially harm forest areas and agricultural lands. Aside from this, the energy need for producing AAC blocks is 30% less than the energy consumption of producing clay bricks, thus helping reduce carbon emission and air pollution. Moreover, AAC blocks require less water during the construction process, whereas in places where clay bricks are constructed, they need a continuous source of water.


Since AAC blocks are lighter than clay, they can be transported in larger numbers using the same vehicle for delivering clay bricks. There is less fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission. This leads to lower logistics cost and additional savings.

Overall Quality

The quality of AAC blocks is what makes it more environment-friendly. Overall, this clay brick substitute has a long life. They are able to withstand most climate conditions and will remain undamaged in normal conditions. They are also fire resistant, thanks to their incombustible nature. This makes AAC block appropriate for fire-rated applications. Lastly, they are energy saving, eliminating the need for insulation in most cases.

When looking for manufacturers of AAC blocks, it is good to evaluate your options before deciding to partner. Any manufacturer can claim that they aim for environmental sustainability—but this does not mean they are the best option. See to it that they have enough credibility like recognition and awards from trusted organizations. Look for a company with a CSR team. This shows that they value their customers and ensures that they can provide quality service and after-sales support.

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