Love Talk: How to Date a Girl?

Posted by chad on January 3rd, 2018

It is because even if you ask any girls on what will make them happy during a date, you will surely have many different answers from each one of them. But, regardless of any girl’s personal view, still there are some universal dating rules that can help especially for men who want to make a girl happy and make their date perfect.

Love Talk: How to Date a Girl?

Have Confidence

One of the best qualities of a man that attract a girl during a date is having a confidence. Having confidence will make girls find interest in everything you do. But having confidence is far different from being arrogant. People to have confidence are admired most for their humility and not only for their talent, like buy cheap college papers. You don’t need to brag yourself to attract anyone.

Be Yourself

Be real all the time and don’t pretend to be someone else. There’s nothing wrong if you can’t be the one and you can’t do things that attract girls. You can make a poem if you can’t sing for her or just sing even without playing a guitar if you don’t know how to.

Present Well Yourself

You don’t need to wear the latest fashion trends or spray yourself with cologne. Remember to just wear the appropriate dress in the place where will you have your date and have confident in wearing it.

Don’t focus on the girl’s appearance too much

Every girl loves to hear compliments about what you see on them but it should not be your main topic throughout your date. Make a girl feels that she’s more beautiful than her look and what she’s wearing. Mind your words and avoid talking about those things that will make her uncomfortable during your date.

Be sincere in every word you said

Making some pick up lines is not that bad but girls will be much happy if they feel that everything you are saying is sincere. Listen attentively when she responds and make your conversation more real and interesting.

Make her feel comfortable

A girl will surely like you if you can make her feel comfortable even when you just met her for the first time. Ask her about herself and make a comment in her every respond. Make some jokes for fun.

Make an effort on your first date

Take her to a place somewhere that you think will be special. You don’t need to spend so much money. What is important is both of you can be comfortable and your first date will be memorable.

Have Some Physical Contact

During your date, placing your hand on her back and holding her hands even in public are just usual physical touch that increases the feeling of intimacy.

Introduce her to the people around you

After having a few dates, one of the best way for both of you to know each other more is to introduce her to the people who are close to you like your best friend, friends or if possible to your family. This is also a big step for both of you if you’re going to take your relationship to another level.

Make some surprises

Every girl loves surprises. For you to know the surprise that you will prepare for a girl, it will be depend on her personality. It is because girls are not surprised only to the thing that you prepared for them but they look more on your effort to make them happy.

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