Myths, legends and history of Roulette

Posted by cyntay on September 23rd, 2010

Roulette abounds with historical data and legend, it is understood that the word Roulette means 'small wheel' in French. Some of the legends have a supernatural twist to them. Here are some you decide for yourself.


It is said that Blaise Pascal attempted to find perpetual motion by engineering a device that is in the form of a big wheel.  This was in the experimental stages when one of his friends got the idea of using the device for gambling purposes.


A mystical legend is that Francois Blanc and Louis Blanc, founders of the first Monte Carlo casinos, is that they sold their souls to the devil in return for the secret of Roulette.  One probably wonders how this was accomplished ? history abounds with similar legends in many spheres. If you sum all the numbers of the wheel you will arrive at a figure of 666, this is the mystical number of the "the beast ? or the devil".


Other legends say that the game was originally developed in China and eventually introduced into Europe by traveling monks who traded with Chinese merchants. 


During 1765 the present layout of Roulette was founded in Paris, where it became very popular game to play.  The first casinos on American soil were introduced by French immigrants, resulting in the first casino being opened in New Orleans in1800. At a later date of 1961 Monaco got it's first casino and eventually became the capital of the gambling world. Even today Casino's in Monaco are considered the ultimate gambling experience.


Roulette is played all over the world today, whether you go to a land based casino to play or power up your computer and play online, the game is enjoyed by young and old alike. The best odds when playing Roulette is to play on the European wheel as opposed to the American version as the European only has one of the dreaded double 00's to consider. There are less European wheels to be found in online casinos, but a bit of research you will find some and enjoy playing on them.


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