4 Major Benefits of Agile Software Development

Posted by The Byte Guy on January 4th, 2018

IT projects are quite complex and require a clear understanding of the customer’s vision and an ability to handle the challenges in developing a software pertaining to the customer’s needs. In addition, a web developer should follow the best practices of the industry, such as writing clean code, using a modular development roadmap, etc.

Among the different industry best practices, one – agile software development, has become quite popular over the last few years. Whether you want to develop a website, web or mobile application, you can expect a better quality solution with this approach.

Many companies looking for developers are unaware of how beneficial agile methodologies can be for them for obvious reasons. This post is a quick study for those firms wondering about the benefits of agile software development. Here are four major benefits:

No. 1: Increased Client Engagement

When compared with other software development methodologies where the customer sees the final product at the end of development, in agile software development, the customer is involved in every step. The clients get a chance to share their vision clearly in each iteration. Even if there is a mismatch between the client’s vision and the delivered piece of software (in whatever phase it is in), it is easier to rectify the problem under this approach.

One of the ways you can identify a good software development company in Canada(say) will through its agile software development services. This will reflect its focus on enabling the client to get a more hands-on view of the process and allow him/her to collaborate closely with the project team.

No. 2: Predictable Cost

Each sprint in agile software development is of a fixed duration, which makes it easy to predict the cost involved for that sprint. It also makes it easy for the project team to plan their work schedules since only a limited amount of work can be performed on a fixed schedule per sprint.

Factoring the number of sprints and the expected cost of each sprint makes it easy to arrive at the total cost of the project. This can be really helpful in explaining the cost of the project to senior management and getting budget approvals.

No. 3: Transparency

Many reputed companies prefer to hire a software development services firm that offers transparency during the development process. Agile methodology is one of the best ways to do so since the clients get to see the work in progress and sit in review sessions with the development team. They can see the new features of the software in the early stages and request minor tweaks or major modifications without impacting the development effort and project completion timeline.

No. 4: Improved Quality

Since the project is divided into manageable units, it is easier for the project team to focus on quality in both development and testing phases. Each iteration helps the project team in finding and fixing the bugs quickly before delivery. It also helps them find any mismatches in expectations with the client early on. This further helps customers to cut costs and get a better product. If you are not sure about the developer doing a good job of testing the product it has created for your firm, then it may be a good idea for you to hire a different software testing company in Canada that can test the solution for you. This will ensure there are no misses between what you expect and what you get.

To sum up, software development is a long and complex process with different stakeholders and the ever-present constraints of time and costs. It makes sense to use agile software development to get more control of the process and at the end, of the final product.

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