How to secure admission in a foreign university?

Posted by anayashroff2 on January 4th, 2018

If an individual has secured admission in his dream college abroad he can now fulfill it without worrying for the finances. After securing admission into his preferred college or university the next concern of the student and his family is about the educationalfinances that will incur. If the student is applying for abroad studies, he should know that the rate of interest is comparatively in those countries. A student can fulfill his dream to study from a reputed university by getting an Study Loans.

Study Loans which is given by the various lending institutes is an excellent option for pursuing higher education. The study loans are available at a lower interest rate of 12.75% with a nominal processing fee of 1-2% of the loan amount. The study loans cover the tuition fees, the laboratory fees, library fees, the living expenses and the traveling expenses to an extent. Before sanctioning the loan the lending institution set up a meeting of the educational expert and the student. These educational experts provide them proper counseling and clear the queries if they have any.

In India almost all the lending institutions offer loans to the students who wish to pursue higher education in foreign countries. The loans are sanctioned to the students who have secured admission in any of the university. The lending institutions have also simplified the process of education loan so that student can take the privilege of the pursuing higher studies in a country. The banks and the non-banking institutions also provide grants to the meritorious students who wish to pursue higher education outside the country but cannot afford it.

Here are a few guidelines before you apply for Study loans:

When a student applies for a loan he will be treated as a borrower and the parents and the guardian as co borrower. The loan is sanctioned on the basis of the borrower’s paper which includes his passing certificates and the letter of confirmation from the college or the university he has applied for. The loan amount and the interest rate over the overseas study loans differ from bank to bank. The repayment of the education loans is flexible as compared to the other loans. The student can choose the mode of repayment as per his convenience.  Banks accept collateral security for loans above 7.50 lakh. The collateral security needs to be of appropriate value which can be anything like the residential property, the insurance, fixed deposits, government securities, gold, shares and debentures. Also you can visit the website of the various lending institutions and compare the various Student Loan India that are offered by different lending institutions. This will help the student to avail for a best education loan. Here are a few things the lending institutions cross check before giving an individual a loan:

  • The repayment capacity of the student.
  • The value of the collateral security which is accepted.
  • The banking and the non-banking institutions also consider the entrance scores of the students accordingly concessions are given to the students based on their merit.

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