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Posted by Cynthia Madison on January 4th, 2018

Sometimes, grooming your front yard during the summer, spending hours to weed your flowerbeds and sweeping the pathway that leads the guests to the front door is just not enough. It will not make the passers-by stop in order to admire the exterior of your precious home, especially at night. The dark will hide all your efforts and nobody will be able to see the beauty surrounding your property. Because of this, many homeowners choose to incorporate lighting designs for making their houses stand out while giving a warm welcome to their guests. According to real estate agents, this represents a smart decision that will preserve and even increase the curb appeal of a property in the evening hours. Moreover, it allows families living in the respective homes to spend more time outdoors engaging in different activities and creating beautiful memories.

Beautiful effects that you can obtain with outdoor lighting

Exterior lighting has many perquisites that you should not miss, but the truth is that taking into consideration the multitude of options available on the market, you would probably get lost in the selection process. However, experts recommend creating a lighting portrait, which refers to combining soft, medium and strong lighting for obtaining a theatrical ambiance and induce a sense of drama. In certain areas, especially along pathways, you have to make safety your number one priority. However, trees, fences, exterior walls and even your garden represent ideal elements that allow you to add different forms of lighting. From creating silhouettes to capturing movement, your possibilities are limitless when it comes to updating your home with outdoor lighting. For instance, you can use soft lights in your patio and strong lights in certain areas of your garden. You can even create the moon lighting effect by hanging lights in the tops of your trees. During the winter season, the snowflakes will beautifully reflect the light.

Types of outdoor lights available

Unquestionably, incorporating lighting designs in your outdoor space will make your landscape come alive because even though falling snowflakes are unique, they will eventually cover the ground, the trees and your home, practically everything, not to mention that after 5 o’clock, you will no longer be able to look out the window because of the dark. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry. Adding designer lighting will help you solve this problem. You have the possibility to choose between multi-dimensional lighting perfect for entertaining, entrance lighting that offers peace of mind during the night and highlights your front door, path lighting, which allows you to walk through the yard in the nighttime. Furthermore, you can also choose accent lighting that has the purpose to move the attention towards the focal points in your landscape, such as plants, trees or architecture and that you can install both at ground level or higher up. String lights probably represent the most versatile and affordable variant. You can add them in the entertaining or dining area.     

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