Beautiful room decor ideas with paper lampions and honeycomb balls

Posted by Malot Gina on January 4th, 2018

The right usage of lampions and wabenballe renders a soft and warm feel to the room. Add to it music to soothe your senses and your party will be a great success. We host an event to celebrate for a special someone and hope to make it equally enjoyable for the guests. If these objectives are fulfilled then you know that you have done your job. Paper lanterns make for a great late afternoon or evening party. With the lights you can colour coordinate and include honeycomb balls to complete the idea.

Plan for the right time
The first rule of using paper lanterns is that it’s the right time of the day. The lights inside the lanterns will look beautiful if you can use them as a contrast to the darkness outside. You can take the celebrations outside as well. The lanterns can hang from a makeshift shed. These are best used in the evenings. You can buy lampions in different colours like red, pink, white, blue, silver and green. It’s not common to use black lanterns but if you want, those are available as well. There are two sizes of it available – medium and extra-large. You can get these from online shops. Order as much as you need. It will not take more than a few minutes to fill your shopping kart after you have it all sketched in your mind. It’s good to make a list so that nothing is left out.

Paper lantern arrangements
Once you have the lights and paper lanterns, arranging them in a way that looks best should not be a challenge. If it’s a closed space then you can hang paper lamps and wabenballe from the ceiling or you can create a support above the tables on which the lamps and balls can be tied to. Check for good switchboards which can hold a large power usage. Electricity is the first point to check when you are planning decoration for the event space. If you are planning to buy these from e-stores then you can ask for their recommendations.

Using honeycomb balls in different ways
You can hang them on the walls or with the balloons. They can be arranged together with the lanterns to create an impression of heavenly abode with stars and moon. You can place honeycomb balls on the table as a part of the spread. They can be hung from the windows or doors. You can use them anywhere as long as they become a part of the backdrop. Either you can design the entire package or you can let experienced decorators help you with all of it.

With all these preparations do you think you will be able to make it worth their while? If your answer is in the affirmative then you know that you have made the right decisions. Planning properly is essential to having a successful party and the plan needs to include all the details starting with the date and time, to the people you want to invite, decorating the room according to the purpose of the celebration, food and entertainment and lastly, favour bags, if you wish to add them.

Resource Box: Use lampions and wabenbälle to steal the show for any celebration.

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