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Posted by rohny014 on January 4th, 2018

Self-defense is very important due to the unfavorable conditions that are running this day. So for that, there must be a use of self-defense items that when are used or kept assures that the person is safe. Today we will be talking about the lipstick knife.

Lipstick knife is small and compact. On the contrary, no one knows what you have in the purse, this small apparently lipstick has a knife stuck in it.

More hygienic and easy to clean:

The material that makes up the ceramic knives is denser and has very small pores, so it accumulates less dirt and is cleaned more quickly. While a metal knife has to be rubbed with a mop if it has been soiled, a ceramic one only needs to pass a wet sponge.

They are lighter:

This type of knives is much lighter than those of metal, the lighter the less tension or force must be made when cutting. You can cut like a professional.

Stun guns have been very efficient, discreet and very safe to use. The stun gun can generate monumental present onwards. The plant could be an individual and make it deactivated for about 30 minutes. However, it does not cause any critical damage to the aggressor. The homemade stun guns are considered attacking pleasant alternative. A paralyzing gun is a weapon that immobilizes the attacker. This is possible thanks to the stun gun is an excessive generation of voltage. However, the current power of stunning quite low, because no lasting damage is caused. The dumps weapons paralyzing all their energy to the muscle mass of an excessive impulse. This makes working in the muscle quite fast, however, nonetheless ineffective.

Lastly, let’s talk about the Sap Gloves. Now, what are the benefits involved in the use of gloves? Many professions depend on the durability of these gloves, especially in those that are exposed to pathogens that can be transmitted by blood as well as other environmental contaminants that are dangerous to human health. These provide a better protection barrier as well as greater chemical resistance. This is because these are more resistant than natural rubber to chemicals, such as oils and acids, and it has a superior physical strength. So the sap gloves offer a supreme defense for sure.

Getting the Lipstick knife, stun gun flashlight, Sap Gloves can be a good investment. When you make use of it, every day will you be comfortable. In addition, these gadgets last forever!

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