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PoE's Layout Tips

Posted by Makebloom on January 5th, 2018

In Path of Exile, if you want to level, the following layout tips you must know clearly, which is the signs of right ways. Let us dive into this layout tips in Path of Exile.

Path of Exile

mud flats - all 3 nests with quest items are connected with rivers

submerged passage - if you see the bridge - you are going to the ledge side of location, ledge is always in the north of it. The unique merveils daughter mob is almost always on the way to the bridge

ledge - 3 small piles near the waypoint mark the way to The Climb

prisoners gate - don't go to the end of the road, turn left or right near the waypoint and find the way through the mountains.

ship graveyard - Fairgraves is almost always near the waypoint and the cave is almost always not far from the Cavern of wrath, you can take the ship graveyard waypoint, rush to the cave, get the allflame and rush to the caverns waypoint which is at the entrance. After this you return to the ship graveyard waypoint, kill Fairgraves and go to town for reward.

Cavern of wrath/anger - another shitty layout, and the treasures on the ground mark the way to merveil.

Chamber of sins lvl1 - just stick to the right or to the left side and you'll find the lvl2 entrance

Chamber of sins lvl2 - one of the easiest layouts, stick to the entrance side, go up and always turn right till you reach the long corridor, that is the way to baleful gem, or stick to the opposite side and always go up to reach the ascendancy trial.

Western forest - there is a road leading to alira's camp, it is almost always not very far from the waypoint when you first reach it.

Wetlands - after entering just stick to the left side and you'll find the waypoint.

Slums - when you see a lot of small bridges - you are on the way to Crematorium.

Crematorium - a big pile of covered bodies marks the way to Piety.

Warehouse - if you see the dead body near the entrance - it's the right way to go.

Marketplace - don't know any signs but the Barracks entrance is almost always on the closest wall to the 2nd exit from the sewers.

Barracks - just go left.

Solaris lvl1 - just follow the doors, its straight-forward.

Solaris lvl2 - I heard that the red carpet is the sign but I didn't check it.

Lunaris lvl2 - if you see the long path that is going up (it can be seen on the minimap) - you are on the right way to piety. If it goes down - you better turn back and find the way that you missed.

Scepter/Upper scepter - The exit to the next level is always int he corner of the map, so if you reach the corner and there are mobs there - just skip it and go to the other corner, On the last floor of the upper scepter of god you'll see the big device in separate room in the center of the map - it marks the way to dominus so just go straight through this room and don't turn anywhere after it.

Aqueduct - just don't do to the side areas and you'll be fine.

Daressos dream - always go to the right. When you cannot go to the right - go up until you can go to the right.

Grand arena - easy layout, don't know any signs. You can skip all the mobs and just go through the arenas, the only exception is the last arena before Daresso with 3 unique bosses - you should kill them to open the gates.

Kaom's stronghold - don't know any signs, you can(should) skip the totem boss.

Harvest - simple layout, don't need any signs.

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