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Posted by Alexzace on January 5th, 2018

Citrix certifications are valuable tools for those professionals who strive to grow their career in the field of Information and Technology. Securing a very high reputation in the industry, four of the Citrix certifications were listed amongst the 15 top paying certifications as per a survey conducted by Global Knowledge and Penton.

Citrix Systems is said to be the global leader in access infrastructure for the on-demand enterprise. The services offered by Citrix can be segregated into two main segments:

  1. Citrix Meta Frame Access Suite which offers access to centralized applications, and
  2. Citrix Online Division catering to remote access to individual desktop computers.

With this, there are three main certifications which can be obtained by IT professionals.

  1. CCA (Citrix Certified Administration) Certification
  2. CCEA (Citrix Certified Enterprise Administration) Certification
  3. CCIA (Citrix Certified Integration Architect) Certification

These Citrix Certifications in UAE can open new opportunities of growth in the IT industry.

 Citrix certifications

Another certification which opens unlimited opportunities for IT professionals worldwide is the ITIL Certifications in Dubai. ITIL Certification is rated among the top IT certifications and equips you with its best practices methodologies. Not only these help you in identifying pain areas of a business which need transformation, these techniques also help in reducing costs and increasing productivity of any business operations.

This Certification has a series of qualifications which can be cleared at different levels.

Foundation Level: This is the basic, entry level qualification in which the person gets general awareness about all the aspects and related terminology of ITIL service life cycle.

Practitioner Level: This can be obtained only after completing the Foundation level and obtaining specified credits. This exposure makes one adept in adopting ITIL in organizations.

Intermediate Level: This level introduces the modules which develop a different focus towards IT Service Management.

Expert Level: The next level of certification is Expert Level. Those who are highly ambitious in demonstrating the knowledge acquired on the subject of ITIL and exhibit plans in entirety, they should attempt for this level.

Master Level: The ITIL Master qualification implies that you are capable of explaining and justifying your choices of application made in choosing the principles, methods and techniques from ITIL and how it will help achieve desired business outcomes practically.

When it comes to being an IT professional, Microsoft Office cannot remain at the back seat. It is very elementary for an IT professional to exhibit skills in operating MS Office. Microsoft Training in UAE is essential whether you are expanding the skills just for personal use or you are exploring opportunities towards career advancement. In addition to the knowledge, these certifications are of great help in bringing growth in your career profile.

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