Here?re the top 5 Programming Languages That Every App Developer Should Know!

Posted by BrainMobi on January 5th, 2018

Which programming language to choose is one of the key questions that every developer encounters with? This might seems very easy like you are just picking up a language and start working on it, but the language you choose depends on the OS you are using.

If you want to be a highly skilled app developer, which is equipped with all of the required skills and expertise, you have to be adept in the below mentioned 5 programming languages.

1. Javascript

Today every app needs to be familiar with the Javascript. And the reason behind its popularity is – it’s one of the best programming languages for app development. This well-versed and highly familiar language is basically used for mobile app development and web browsing. And what makes it most viable is – it could be used with the various platforms, that too with ease.

2. Java

Java is another key programming languages among app developers. Many beginners get confused between Javascript and Java, but both are not same at all. Java could be used with the various Oss and it’s mostly used with Android. Being the programming language, which is majorly based on objects, Java arranges data instead of actions and logistics. Java is one of the popular languages among app developers. Since its level begins to become more intricate and challenging than Javascript, it’s mostly popular among intermediate level of app developers.

3. C#

C# pronounced as C-sharp is basically recommended for Windows programming languages. It is used as the default language for Windows developers. In recent years, due to high competition and AppStore is flooded with apps, Windows App Store has serious need of developing high-quality and user-centric apps. So if a developer has a sound knowledge of the language that means developer will be far ahead of the competition.

C# is basically similar to Java and it’s object-oriented, too. It’s not an intricate programming language especially for those who have the basic development knowledge.

4. Swift

Swift is an exceptional programming language that was introduced in 2014 by Apple. Being the most commonly and popular language, Swift is specifically designed to for iOS developers.

However, it is known that Swift is relatively easy to use and learn. It helps in avoiding the bugs of Objective-C. Apple introduced the language to ease the iOS development process and create performance-centric apps.

5. PHP

PHP is a popular back-end programming language for apps that need database access. This robust and flexible programming language has the capability to support object-oriented development. Since the language is open-source. That’s why it has become one of the best programming languages especially when it comes to writing codes and functions. It’s an easy to learn language, infact simpler and easier to learn as compared to other languages.

Hope you enjoyed reading the information of 5 programming languages. It’s not necessary that app developers should know all the above mentioned 5 languages. But it’s important that they should be well-versed with the language they are using. Being the leading mobile app development company, we have a right mix of app developers, designers, testers and consultants, who are adept in working on all the above mentioned languages and technologies. To know more about our app development and coding skills, drop us an e-mail at

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