Pet Supplement Label Design To Increase Sales Part - I

Posted by kexconsulting on January 6th, 2018

KEX Consulting is a full service agency that specializes specifically in pet supplement label design. With over 10 years of experience in the pet supplement industry, we’re the number one agency in the U.S. ready to meet your needs. We use a unique mix of market research, copywriting and data-driven designs to ensure that your pet supplement label design generates sales for your company.

Why pet supplement label design?

We’ve unfortunately had some clients who had their original pet supplement label designs created by a freelance graphic designer. Although freelancers may be very affordable, they’re not specialized in pet supplement label design. KEX Consulting is a full service agency specialized in pet supplement label design. We highly suggest that you don’t waste your money on novice designers. Invest in a pet supplement label design that will attract attention on Amazon and on store shelves.

In our decade of experience in the pet supplement industry, we here at KEX Consulting have found out just how crucial it is to make data-driven design choices. We’ll help you to understand your target demographic extensively. Our market research will reveal your customers’ purchasing behavior, as well as their attitudes and beliefs about their pets and about pet supplements.

We design with the end target user in mind so that your pet supplement label design will strongly compel buyers to make that purchasing decision. You see, when a product’s label design resonates with consumers, they are more likely to make a purchase. When that label design speaks to them every time they reach into their cabinet each morning to grab the supplement, this will increase brand loyalty and the potential for repeat sales.

Our pet supplement label design process

Whether it’s secondary research online or primary research conducted just for you on your specific target audience, KEX Consulting will always use data to drive our pet supplement label design process.

We here at KEX Consulting really get into the mind of the consumer. How does the consumer think? How do they feel? How do they feel when searching for pet supplements? How do they feel when they think about the health and longevity of their pet? We use this information to create pet supplement label designs that strike a nerve with customers so that they buy again and again.

Now, we’re not just a design team. KEX Consulting is a full service pet supplement label design agency. We will guide you through the design process to ensure that you’re up to speed and comfortable. We always start with market research. We’ll help you to create a pet supplement label design that is strong, unique and drives sales with its data-driven and consumer-oriented design.

Next, our writing team will articulate your key benefits using language that also resonates with your target audience. We’ll use language that drives purchases. The combination of design and text will have a dramatic emotional effect on potential buyers.

Information to display on your pet supplement label design

Different language resonates better with different demographics. However, centering the consumer’s love of their pet is always a sure fire bet in the pet supplement label design field. Pet supplements are manufactured to increase the lifespan, and/or quality of life for pets. This will always strike a chord with consumers.

When your pet supplement label design is consistent with your overall branding, something truly magical happens. You’ll find that you’ve created an overall brand that is consistent, strong and resounds with consumers. When applying this same pet supplement design to your entire marketing mix, you’ll see even better results and a greater return on investment for your company.

Don’t worry, if you’re just starting out and need help with your overall marketing, KEX Consulting can help. Send us an email today with your specific goals for your pet supplement business and we’ll get back with you shortly <link>

How to increase sales with your pet supplement label design

A supplement label is the face of your brand. This is what consumers will see when searching for your product online. It’s what they’ll look at when they’re debating on whether or not to buy your pet supplement on Amazon. It’s one of many labels they’ll glance over when making in-store purchasing decisions. Many purchasing decisions are made in under a minute. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to make a good first impression that sticks.

By using the right word choice and a clever color combination, your pet supplement label design will stand out in consumers’ minds. By listing your benefits in a clear and concise way, you will gain authority and trustworthiness in your field.

Best of all, by having a consistent pet supplement label design that fits into your branding and marketing mix, you will increase new and return sales. When presented with other alternatives, your customers will remain loyal to your brand because your design speaks volumes to them.

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