Why Do You Need to Design Your Own Embroidered Polo Shirts?

Posted by ssashirts on January 6th, 2018

Whether as promotional items or as uniforms, embroidered polo shirts can go a long way in your organisation’s branding, identity, and marketing campaign. Embroidery is a common method of having a logo, name, or image sewn on fabric, and it provides an elegant finish to a polo shirt. It used to be done by hand, but now, there are machines that can be programmed to embroider the image or word that you want on garments. This way, labour costs are reduced and you can get embroidered polo shirts at a more reasonable cost, especially when you order them in bulk. 

Embroidered polo shirts are great as uniforms, whether for school or for your organisation. This way, wearers can easily be identified as part of your group and they can easily showcase your school or business whenever they are out and about. They can be worn as sports uniforms, too, especially for tennis and golf teams. With high-quality matching uniforms, your team can look great and increase its sense of camaraderie. The embroidered shirts can express your team’s professionalism, too. 

When used as promotional items, embroidered polo shirts can be given away as freebies or as incentives to customers. You can have your team wear them during trade shows, too, especially if you want to make them look more approachable to potential clients. An embroidered polo shirt can be customised in any colour that you want, preferably a hue that reflects your organisation, and with different features, such as cuffs and pockets. You can customise the position of the logo, too. While most embroidered logos are typically placed on the left chest area, you can consider placing them on a sleeve, too. 

Designing your own polo shirts will require you to work with a seasoned graphic designer or a T-shirt printing company that offers embroidery. Look for a reputable supplier of custom shirts that carries a wide array of different fabrics to suit your requirements. Embroidery looks great on microfibre fabric for school and company uniforms, as well as for event marketing promotional items, as it provides a professional look to the garments. A good supplier will be able to recommend the most economical way to include an embroidered logo or name on your shirts. 

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SSA Shirts is an Australian owned custom clothing company. They specialise in manufacturing premium quality polo shirts, corporate shirts for business events and promotions, clubs, schools and sporting teams. Their experienced in-house designers and pattern makers are expert in providing exceptional comfort and fit shirts with style. All of their products are manufactured in their own factories in Australia and Asia.


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