6 Things to Consider if your Digital Agency is Not Getting the Job Done

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on January 7th, 2018

Hiring a digital marketing agency sometimes doesn’t get you everything you wanted from the relationship. We’ve had many clients approach us with these concerns and/or past experiences of having worked with digital marketing companies who did not follow through on their promises. Lately, if you’ve been thinking that you might be wasting your time or money on a digital agency, here are some things to consider. 

#1 – Do you Have established Marketing Goals?

Digital marketing companies should always be hired with specific goals in mind and not just under a general purpose. If you have not established clear marketing objectives or if a digital marketing agency has not committed to achieving defined goals, there may be no way for them to attain the success you expect from them.

#2 – Marketing is not always Responsible for Sales

There are times when the problem is not the digital marketing company but is instead something else. There are always other factors at play, such as product accessibility, pricing, and other elements that are not in direct control of digital marketing. Consider that there may be a disruption somewhere else in the sales chain.

#3 – Some Goals won’t be Achievable within the Time Frame Set

The importance of keeping goals realistic must be communicated. No company is going to go from zero to million, spending less than ,000 on a monthly marketing campaign. A digital marketing campaign overseen by a company can provide many riches but nothing happens overnight. Consult with a digital marketing company to understand what’s achievable and what isn’t within a given time frame.

#4 – Maybe you Didn’t need an Agency to Begin With

Sometimes, yes, a digital marketing agency can actually be the wrong place to take your business. Not all companies are ready for an agency to come on board. Committing to an agency is a big decision and requires any business owner to do their part. Needless to say, a digital agency is not going to be able to increase sales on their own. A business needs to be ready and know what to do with the leads that a digital marketing campaign will generate.

#5 – When Major Changes occur, it can Leave Marketing sputtering

When a business changes key aspects of their model – such as who their target audienceis – it can leave their ongoing digital marketing efforts with nowhere to go but down. Any company that is considering making a big change like this is going to see consequences across their marketing.

#6 – Some Digital Marketing Companies just aren’t the right fit

If you’re not getting what you need from your digital marketing agency, it might be as simple as them not being the right fit. If your agency is not willing to work with you, change what they’re doing, and/or provide some sort of pivot or solution to the problem you’ve identified, it may be time to look elsewhere for digital marketing help.

Agencies are rarely turn-key solutions. The bottom line is if it’s not working, fix it or move on. The more equipped an agency is to handle unexpected issues that may threaten your marketing success and the more diverse its services, the better off you will be in the long run. Remember to set clear expectations and don’t hesitate to adjust if your company is not achieving its digital marketing goals.

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