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Posted by Marklennon on January 8th, 2018

Structural health monitoring is the assessment of the building health, and is also used to recognize the safety of the building and to increase safety and maintenance activities of the complex buildings. This monitoring systems data allow owners to improve their building operations, maintenance, repairs, and remodeling structures. The main goal of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is to improve safety and improve the infrastructure systems by detecting the damage before it reaches to a critical state.  In Building health monitoring system we can able to detect damage early, since early detection of damage can used to save money and our lives!

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Visual inspection is the nondestructive evaluation techniques. However, most of the techniques require lot of manual work. Thus, currently SHM is rising, because it can provide best cost savings by reducing the no of manual work (visual inspections). MEMS and as well as wireless sensing are becoming the main features in SHM systems.

However it is optimized and also autonomous, the SHM systems are still not spread anywhere.

Benefits of Integrated Building Health Monitoring Systems

  • It delivers complete solution.
  • Increased safety and prevent property damage.
  • Extend the lifetime of aging buildings
  • Monitor buildings by assessing the current condition whether repairs are needed.
  • Reduced insurance and maintenance costs
  • Quick and early assessments of damage and failures
  • Realtime SHM for critical infrastructure

Any topic related to the progress of the spatial structures or architectures in the past or the future are welcome to be discussed at the symposium.

C.S Structural engineering handle all more type spatial structure design projects. We were worked in many successful projects are

Spatial Structures

  • Project :2015 U STADIUM Gwangju MultiPurpose Sports Hall, 2013
  • Work Scope : Turnkey (Structural Design)
  • Location : Gwangju, Korea
  • Occupancy : Sport Stadium
  • Size : 87,677.63㎡, B2/3F
  • Structure System : Space Truss (Roof system)
  • Architect : DMP Architects
  • Contractor : Hoban Construction Company

SuperTall Structures

  • Project: The City 7, 2004
  • Work Scope: Structural Design
  • Location: Changwon, Korea
  • Occupancy: Residential
  • Size: 427,548㎡, B4/43F
  • Structure System: RC Core Wall + Flat Plate

We are leading Structural design consultants, and Engineering consultants in Korea offering various building designs, remodeling and construction support, Building health monitoring system services worldwide.

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