Top Android App Development Trends for 2018

Posted by Mike Kevin on January 8th, 2018

Without any doubt, Android is the most sought-after platform for developing applications due to lower cost and ease of acceptance that leads to its largest user-base. Every year promises new development trends of Android applications based on Google updates in its Android operating system and Google Play Store. As by the end of 2017 many new updates have been launched, 2018 is expected to change and upgrade the Android app development industry highly. So, let's discuss what’s trending in Android app development in 2018.

Trend 1: Augmented reality and virtual reality
Augmented reality mobile applications have shown a tremendous rise according to statistics, and the forecasts also predict it to trend more each year. AR and VR have not only taken over the gaming industry but also in ecommerce and retail business. Though virtual reality has gained a little less growth compared to AR apps, 2018 holds great promise for AR and VR android apps making it one of the latest emerging android app development trends for all industries.

Trend 2: Artificial intelligence with Android AI assistant
Google is credited with initiating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the tech-based industry. A hype of AI was witnessed in 2017 at the Google I/O conference where Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, emphasized on moving to AI-first world. Virtual personal assistants are expected to perform 20% of all user interactions with devices by 2019. Mobile app development company in Dublin is already using Google’s Android AI assistant that has proved the best amongst other AI-assistants. Apart from machine learning that empowers an Android app to recognize complex prototypes, other verticals of AI that are being explored and are likely to dominate Android app development this year include the Deep learning theory (a neural network that emulates human brain), Capsule network (a new form of deep neural networks that helps maintain hierarchical relationships), Hybrid learning model (based on deeper understanding of different neural networks like GANs and DRL that have shown great performance with different types of data), Lean and augmented data learning (different variations of this technology can be used to create variations for dealing with a variety of problems), and Automated machine learning (helps develop AutoML model based business applications that do not have a complex programming environment). With this and a lot more trends, 2018 is likely to have an increase in the development of Android apps that embed, integrate, or support AI-assistant.

Trend 3: Internet of Things
With many home automation companies developing smart home technologies that help users interact with different smart home devices, Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer something new. It has spread all over the world and will continue to reshape the Android app development this year as well. For each IoT device to work efficiently, a different application is needed. For example, upcoming business apps with IoT sensor and the more accessible healthcare apps using IoT. For communicating with the IoT devices, IoT apps developers can use the Android Things framework, big data analytics, new network security, and efficient back-end infrastructure. 2018 brings with it the opportunity to witness all these advances.

Trend 4: Android instant/native apps
Android users can now instantly use any Android application without installing it on their devices with Android instant/native apps that work like websites. In the last quarter of 2017, Android Instant Apps was announced to be a part of the Google Play Store. So, users can now save their phone memory as they do not need to install the apps on their devices for using them. This attracts more customers due to much more convenience effects, thereby causing an increase in the app traffic. Developers can create compatible and easily accessible apps that can be easily shared on another device, be compatible with all Android versions, and keep the Android app upgraded with the latest trends.

Trend 5: Web apps with Accelerated Mobile Pages
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for web apps is improving the search experience every day and affecting the use of the mobile apps on the web browser greatly thereby providing a remote search index for any Android application page. Web apps supported by AMP are being given importance by Google and will tremendously boost mobile loading speed to give an amazing experience to the user. This will not only increase the number of mobile app visitors for AMP-based web apps but will also increase mobile search rankings, ad impressions, click-through, and decrease bounce rates and migration efforts.

Trend 6: Enhanced security features
With the highly advanced technologies like AR, VR, AI, and IoT, trending for Android app development security is something that cannot be compromised. Security of Google Android devices thus needs to be regularly updated along with an expansion of platform-level security of Android. So, developers need to add security features in the Android apps that not only offer the security to the end-users but also improve their trust-level for the new customers.

Trend 7: Cloud-based mobile apps
As cloud technology provides a much faster and easier means of accessing data, everything is moving towards cloud-based technology. For enterprise mobile applications most of the employees and customers are Android users, cloud computing provides the only solution for storing huge amount of data as in Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Cloud-driven technology provides with more data security for commercial business/enterprises, more data space with Android system, flexible data streaming (audio/video, online gaming, etc.), and quick and trouble-free web browsing on Android smart devices. Thus, most Android app developers are looking forward to it in the year 2018.

As we enter 2018, it is important to stay updated with the industry demands and end-user experience improvement. This can be achieved by being highly attentive to the customer needs and focusing on improving and upgrading your skills and technology usage based on the latest trends as done by mobile app development company in Dublin. Hope you carry on with your Android app development process and stay updated with these trends to keep your apps updated and user-friendly.

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