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Posted by Martin Bailey on January 8th, 2018

Tax resolution specialists are the professionals who assist people to address their tax problems as well as to represent them before IRS or the Internal Revenue Service. These financial specialists will work around the clock during their business hours. They usually work inside the office surroundings, expending countless hours on their phone and computer. Any tax resolution expert will have good communication skills, thorough knowledge in tax laws, time management, active writing and learning, negotiation, as well as advice skills. Moreover, these experts will be accustomed to accounting software for bookkeeping, observance, tax preparation, enterprise resource planning, and document administration.

If you are looking for a tax resolution expert to resolve your tax problems, you have to consider three vital factors. These factors include:

1. The professional should have enough experience and records of achievements in installment agreements, settlements, offer in compromises, as well as in other tax-resolving tasks.

2. The expert ought to have a license to work as a legal tax-resolving professional.

3. The specialist is always supposed to be ethical as well as professional.

What services can you expect from your tax resolution expert?

Most licensed and cultured professionals from a reputed firm, such as Tax Defense LA, will be an expert in all types of tax-resolving tasks. Some of the services you can expect from these specialists include:

  • Payroll Processing.

  • Accounting.

  • Tax Preparation for both individuals, as well as for businesses.

  • Tax inspections as well as assessments.

  • Representing clients in IRS appeals.

  • Collect of IRS tax.

  • IRS levy, liens, garnishments, etc.

Sometimes, tax resolution professionals will function as a tax debt consultant, as well. They will offer the required consultations to their clients about the way to resolve their issues with IRS.

How does the tax resolution process work?

First, you will have an initial discussion on your tax issues over the phone to make the expert understand the nature of your problem. During this phase, the professional will discover, analyze, and evaluate your problems to take the right decision.

Next is the meeting process. During this process, you will get a letter of appointment, which contains the scope of the job of the expert and the expenses involved.

Once you sign the letter of appointment, the tax expert will file the Powerof Attorney with the CAF unit of IRS. Once the Powerof Attorney becomes active, the professional will generate a Tax Analysis Report for you.

Next is the compliance stage. The tax resolution professional will work with you to make sure the observance with the IRS. However, to make this process complete, you should have filed your earlier ignored tax returns.

Then, your tax expert will work with you derived from your assessment to decide the best tax resolution plan to attain an optimistic IRS resolution.

Once the tax resolution plan is decided, it will be submitted to the IRS.

You will be constantly updated about the tax resolution process. Once your plan is accepted by the IRS, your tax resolution expert will inform you and will explain the things you have to do in detail to fulfill the requirements of IRS.

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