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Posted by Olovanderson on January 8th, 2018

During emergencies, doctors have to decide what to do first in a short period of time. This method of patient treatment is called ‘triaging’ and it refers to the process of determining what needs to be dealt with right away and what can wait. The medical after hours answering service has to be able to apply the same kind of logic when dealing with patients calling in to the office once it has closed.

This is why doctors utilize the best medical after hours’ answering service as part of their business operation in order to give patients the access they need to the on-call physician with the flexibility to leave messages for situations that can wait until the next day. Doctors understand that response time is critical in a medical event which is why the service should be able to quickly contact the on-call physician according to their preferred method and will work up the contact chain if there is no response until someone is reached and the patient is called back.

In order to effectively ‘triage’ the phone calls coming in the service needs to be setup according to the client’s specific needs whether they have one doctor or multiple professionals in the working space. You will determine when messages are delivered by the service to your office staff, how the on-call doctor will be contacted and the order along with a schedule so that the right individual is reached each time. If you live in a multi-lingual community then you already understand the challenges of trying to get the necessary details from the patient but with the right medical after hours answering service this is not an issue as they have the tools and resources to rise to the occasion. Patients need to trust the doctor they see and this is just one more way to help support their understanding of how a medical office continues to operate even when the doors are closed for the day. By holding messages for non-urgent situations and only contacting the doctor when it is absolutely necessary, the true emergencies can be handled in a timely and swift manner for a positive resolution. Another feature you want to ensure the medical after hours answering service possesses is a flat rate price structure which will make your monthly billing easy and predictable. This way you don’t have to count calls and messages or suspend the service once the limit has been reached.

Triage is a natural part of medicine so why not apply the same technique to after hour patient calls and only have the true emergencies setup for a call back and let the messages wait until the designated time.  The automated system is customized to your specifications ensuring that your office and patients will hear what they need to when they call and can follow the simple steps based on the plan. With a flat monthly rate and top customer satisfaction rating, the program is one of the best resources you can employ to keep patients feeling supported and heard any time of the day or night.

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